Expo 2020 Dubai's digital infrastructure to inspire future global events


Dubai - The Expo 2020 Dubai website and the Official Expo2020 Mobile App are windows for visitors worldwide to learn about Expo 2020 and plan their visits.


Anjana Sankar

Published: Wed 25 Aug 2021, 5:22 PM

Expo 2020 Dubai’s digital backbone will set a new model for running the best and biggest global events in the coming decade said a top digital partner of the Expo.

“The digital infrastructure we have built, all underlying software to navigate the Expo logistics… to connect all vendors, participants and visitors .. it is a significant infrastructure to run the best worldwide events, Alexis Lecanuet, Regional Managing Director, Accenture Middle East.

Accenture is one of the premiere digital partners of Expo 2020 and has played a key role in making the mega event one of the most connected and engaging digital experiences for millions of visitors from across the world.

Lecanuet said building digital capabilities for Expo 2020 is a huge cannon shot for Dubai to grow on enhancing tourist experience in future. “This is the biggest post-pandemic event…hybrid event f this scale. The next ten biggest events on earth will leverage the same technology, back office capabilities and digital experience that this Expo has used,” he said.

From business intelligence and analytics to information security and customer relations, e-ticketing experience to AI-powered virtual assistance and geolocation services, Accenture along with Etisalat Telecommunications has built a vast digital infrastructure to maximise visitor experience.

“There is a lot of effort in the background to build, to connect 12 different system, platforms, different technology vendors that are involved. But the end game is to offer visitors a simple and seamless experience for the visitors. It will be a success if we deliver the most personalised and relevant experience on site and off site.

Angelo Lorusso, Managing Director and Accenture's Client Account Lead for Expo 2020 said.

Accenture built the digital foundations (both visible and invisible) to put the visitor at the heart of Expo.

“From designing, implementing, and running the platforms that power hyper-personalized guest experiences to giving Expo 2020 Dubai the tools to reach new audiences and tell new stories, we delivered an end-to-end and integrated solution, driving real connections,” he said.

“To help the Expo bring its story to millions worldwide, Accenture was asked to develop Expo 2020’s visitor-facing digital channels, including Expo 2020’s official mobile app, virtual assistant, and website,” Lorusso said.

“The Expo 2020 Dubai website and the Official Expo2020 Mobile App are windows for visitors worldwide to learn about Expo 2020 and plan their visits. Enhancing the user interface and experience for optimal accessibility and personalized marketing, we incorporated an information hub, an interactive digital map, and a best-in-class ticketing journey designed to be appealing and engaging for all ages.”

Bringing a personalized experience to millions of visitors, the company integrated over a dozen applications, systems and platforms from multiple vendors to create a straightforward ticket-purchasing journey.

The official said visitors will be able to pre-book specific time slots or reserve entrance timings as part of a smart queue management system.

“In addition, users can manage their bookings, send and share tickets, participate in a referral program and retrieve lost tickets. The intelligent, made-for-me ticketing solution can also intuitively learn visitor preferences, offering enhanced and customized products based on geolocation”, Lorusso added.

Virtual Assistant ‘Amal’ to help you navigate the Expo

And for that, Lecanuet said, they leveraged the AI-powered digital assistant called ‘Amal’ will be able to help the visitors not only get information about Expo but also get it in a personalised way. Amal, the chatbot developed in collaboration with Smart Dubai will provide tailored services to international visitors in more than ten languages. The virtual assistant will also gather information on shows and attractions and give feedback throughout the six months of the Expo. Available across platforms including the website and mobile app, Amal will process and analyse volumes of information to answer visitors’ questions accurately and fast. Plus, she is also designed to learn and improve responses through the natural language procession.

Expo mobile app for tailor-made experience

Lecanuet said the Expo app, which will be ready for download when the Expo officially begins on October 1, will help create a personal schedule of events and attractions.

“Visitors can have a tailor-made experience depending on the country pavilions they wish to visit or plan events depending on the topics they are interested in, whether it is technology, sustainability or mobility.”

Visitors can also choose from 200 plus dining options, find themed culinary events, or buy Expo tickets.


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