Dubai: Woman suffers medical emergency, saved after 'horrifying screams' on grocery delivery app chat

'We all got scared. No one thought it was a joke or a prank,' says head of customer service team


Nasreen Abdulla

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Published: Wed 26 Oct 2022, 2:08 PM

Last updated: Thu 27 Oct 2022, 12:34 PM

A grocery delivery app in Dubai was thrust into the role of rescuer in a strange twist of fate On October 7, the customer service team of grocery delivery app YallaMarket received a voice message from a regular customer Rima (name changed to protect identity) where she was screaming in pain. The customer had contacted the team using an in-app messaging service.

“We had no details from her, just horrifying screams,” said Xeniya, Head of Customer Success team at YallaMarket. “We all got scared. No one thought it was a joke or a prank.”

Even though the team was caught by surprise, they immediately understood that Rima needed help. “We tried to get more information from her via calls and chats, but she was not responding,” said Xeniya. “So, we decided to report the case to the police as we were not sure whether the customer was in pain or in danger.”

A little bit of detective work and internal personal data helped the team dig out her address.

They promptly informed Dubai Police, who raced there to find her in distress and in need of an ambulance.

During this time, senior customer support manager Leslie was able to get through to Rima and stayed on the line with her until the police confirmed that she was safe in the hospital.

The YallaMarket team checked on her while she was in hospital and sent her a basket to cheer her up.

Due to the sensitivity of the issue, the exact details of Rima’s cause of distress and her real name were not revealed but she was thankful for the timely intervention. “I’m really thankful to the team for their assistance as it was very kind and thoughtful,” she said.

The company’s top management praised the team for their quick thinking. “This situation came as a surprise to all of us, but I'm glad the Customer Success Team took our customer's call for help seriously, located the address and promptly reported the situation to the police,” said Xeniya. “They rely on us even in such extreme situations, and we won't let them down.”


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