Dubai Run: Resident sheds 30kg in one year, aims to lose another 30kg before 2024 event

During last year's event, Umaima weighed around nearly 130kg


SM Ayaz Zakir

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Published: Tue 7 Nov 2023, 3:31 PM

Last updated: Wed 15 Nov 2023, 3:50 PM

Last year's edition of the Dubai Run, held on November 20, 2022, was a day that changed many lives across the country, helping people accomplish their fitness goals.

Among thousands of runners, there was Umaima Ajaz, a Dubai resident, whose life started to change from that event. “I couldn’t make it, and that day I realised the importance of being fit and that run was my motivation,” said Umaima.

“I made up my mind that the next edition of Dubai run, I will reach the finish line,” said Umaima. “I am all ready for the run,” added Umaima.

During last year's event, Umaima’s weight was nearly 130kg, and “with rigorous workouts and on a route to hit my fitness goal, I now weigh 99kg.” said Umaima, who was able to reduce 30kg in the last 1 year.

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Over the past year, Umaima has not only changed her physical appearance but has also elevated her mental and emotional well-being. “I have not missed a single day of my dedicated workout routine,” she said, emphasising on her commitment to her health by working out five days a week, dedicating four days to strength training and one day to cardio, with two well-deserved rest days in between.

Weighing scale - a demotivator

Her primary focus has been on toning muscles and building strength. She firmly believes that the weighing scale can be a demotivator and hinder progress if one is focusing on losing weight.

“I shed the kilos very slowly. So what I focused on is workouts which will make be physically stronger, which in turn helps me reduce my body weight,” said Umaima adding that she is much happier now. Beyond the physical changes, Umaima experienced increased physical strength, enhanced stamina, and improved breathing while walking.

Reduction in size

Gradually increasing weights every week, Umaima started witnessing results after three months. “The transformation was not instantaneous, but my commitment paid off. I noticed a change in my waistline and chest, which further motivated me to continue on my fitness journey."

“One of the key motivators for me is the visual evidence of her progress. I click a photo every day, creating a diary that serves as a reminder of my journey. People express surprise and shock when they see me after a month or a week,” said Umaima.

She became so dedicated to her fitness routine that she prioritised gym sessions, cancelling other plans if necessary.

It is not about workouts, Umaima’s commitment also extends to her choices of food. “I prepare my own meals focusing on fewer calories and a protein-packed diet. My breakfast consists of a protein shake,” said Umaima.

Her ultimate goal is to shed over 30kg in the next year.

“I am so happy with myself. It's the power you get, it's the happiness, it's the working out," said Umaima.

For Umaima, the gym is like having a happy hour every day.


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