Dubai: Emirati man's new truck becomes lifesaver for 7-day-old baby on flooded roads

Recognising the potential of his vehicle to aid others, he also extended his assistance to a stranded family of four


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Muhammad Sajjad

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Ahmad Darwish Ali Al Emadi with his truck
Ahmad Darwish Ali Al Emadi with his truck

Published: Sun 21 Apr 2024, 6:00 AM

Last updated: Sun 21 Apr 2024, 9:34 PM

Ahmad Darwish Ali Al Emadi, an Emirati resident, found himself in a daunting situation just days after buying his new truck, a Ford Raptor 150. When the record-breaking rainfall hit the UAE on April 16, little did he know, that his new possession would be used for a noble cause.

The next day, on Wednesday, at around 5am, Ahmad received a distress call from his friend, a Kazakh national, asking him for help with transporting his 7-day-old baby to the hospital. “He couldn’t take the baby to the hospital as the neighbourhood was water-logged up to the waist,” said Ahmad.

With many neighbourhoods submerged in waist-high water, Ahmad wasted no time in embarking on a mission of mercy. “This car is a gift from Allah, and I felt compelled to use it for a noble cause,” said Ahmad, adding that he did not give a second thought to assisting people in need.

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“Every area was reeling under water, but my truck, with its high ground clearance, could navigate through the floods,” said Ahmad.

Undeterred by the risk to his new vehicle, he embarked on his journey from Khawaneej to JVC at 5.30 am.

Navigating through flooded streets and roadblocks, Ahmad's journey to his friend's residence in JVC, which typically takes just over half an hour, stretched to over three hours. The urgency of the situation became apparent as he learned of the baby's critical medical condition, prompting swift action. “I was solely concentrated on getting the baby to the hospital. I had to navigate off-road and drive against oncoming traffic," said Ahmad.

Despite the challenges, he arrived at his friend's place at 9.30am and was successful in transporting the baby to the hospital, where immediate medical attention was provided to prevent complications.

Ahmad with the baby
Ahmad with the baby

However, Ahmad's humanitarian efforts did not end there. Recognising the potential of his vehicle to aid others, he extended his assistance to a family of four stranded in Mirdif. Maneuvering through flooded streets, Ahmad safely transported the family to higher ground.

Even on his way back home, Ahmad's willingness to help remained steadfast. “Due to the size of my vehicle, Dubai Police requested assistance in rescuing stranded vehicles,” he said.

“Even after many rescue operations and my new truck in water for over five hours, I did not find a single scratch,” he added.

From experience to innovation

The recent historic rainfall in the UAE, particularly in Dubai, prompted Ahmad, a cybersecurity and innovation head at a private firm in Dubai, to advocate for technological advancement and infrastructure improvement.

Ahmad Darwish Ali Al Emadi
Ahmad Darwish Ali Al Emadi

He emphasized the importance of leveraging AI and advanced data analytics to proactively address challenges posed by heavy rains and traffic congestion. He proposed AI-powered urban planning to predict and prevent flood risks, optimise traffic management, and enhance emergency response capabilities.

“By analysing data from satellite imagery, drones, traffic cameras, police reports, ambulance data, and civil defence reports, AI-driven urban planning can develop predictive models to anticipate flood-prone areas, recommend infrastructure improvements, and optimise emergency routes,” said Ahmad.

“Incorporating IoT sensors in flood-prone areas further enhances live monitoring capabilities, enabling rapid response and dynamic resource allocation during emergencies,” added Ahmad.


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