Don't go swimming, the seas are rough, warn authorities

Dont go swimming, the seas are rough, warn authorities

Sharjah/Ajman - Warning signs have been put up at necessary areas along the beach, and parents have been advised to keep an eye on their children at all times.


Afkar Ali Ahmed

Published: Wed 29 Jul 2015, 5:28 PM

Last updated: Thu 30 Jul 2015, 3:28 AM

The Sharjah Police and Ajman Civil Defence have warned beachgoers and fishermen to take extra care during the season when high tidal waves occur making seas rough.
Major Ibrahim Al Sarah, head of the awareness section at Sharjah Police, said the weather during this time of the year is unpredictable.
He urged beachgoers to avoid swimming in dangerous areas and follow the sign boards. Parents have been told to watch over their children.
Col. Al Sarah said the police rescue unit is always ready and will respond to any emergency on the spot.
He cautioned beachgoers against going for swimming during this time. "We have placed warning signboards, but to no avail as people continue to swim in dangerous areas," Col Al Sarah said, adding that more than 12 drowning cases were reported during the last eight months.
"People should not swim very far from the shore," warned Salih Al Matroushi, director-general of Ajman civil defence. "If a drowning incident is reported during high tidal waves, rescue operations can be difficult and could endanger the life of rescuers, as well," he said.
He pointed out that the Ajman beach has huge signboards placed in areas witnessing high tidal waves to caution people against swimming in those areas. Red flags have also been placed along the Ajman Corniche.
"On safe days when the weather is fine, swimmers must choose an area visible by lifeguards in the watch tower."
Four life guards work every day from 7.30am until sunset at the 2.5-km-long Ajman beach.
When asked about the main reason for drowning accidents, he said the majority of the cases occur due to swimmers' negligence and non-adherence of rules.

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