Cleaner stabs workmate to death at Dubai accommodation

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Dubai - The victim's death was caused by severe internal bleeding from the deep stab wounds.


Marie Nammour

Published: Sun 25 Aug 2019, 4:00 PM

Last updated: Sun 25 Aug 2019, 6:12 PM

A 23-year-old cleaner accused of stabbing his workmate to death at their accommodation is facing a murder charge at the Dubai Court of First Instance.
The court heard that the Nepali man stabbed the victim eight times in the chest and abdomen, following a verbal brawl on March 1 in Al Barsha, Dubai.
A police sergeant said that when they went to the crime scene at a building along the Dubai-Al Ain road, a security guard led them to the room "where the victim was laying down, bleeding profusely". "He was still alive, shivering, and hardly breathing. He was then taken to a hospital."
The guard then pointed at the defendant as the man who stabbed the victim.
"The defendant looked agitated. He kept staring at us in a strange way. He then took the knife from under his clothes and handed it over to us. He admitted that he used it to stab the victim. We took him into custody," the officer told the prosecutor.
The accommodation supervisor, a Ugandan, recalled that shortly before the incident, he fined the defendant Dh20 for smoking inside the laundry room.
"That was around 8.45am. The money would be deducted from his salary upon the administration instructions.
"About five minutes later, I heard someone screaming in the corridor. It was the victim. He was holding his abdomen, which was bleeding heavily. He was screaming for help. I heard him saying repeatedly that he got stabbed with a knife. I tried to ask him about what happened but he could not talk."
The supervisor took him to his office, and the victim laid down on the floor.
"He was screaming in pain and asking for help," the supervisor told the investigators.
According to the forensic report, the victim's death was caused by severe internal bleeding from the deep stab wounds that cut through his right lung, liver, stomach, and major blood vessels.
The defendant was evaluated by a medical committee, which found him 'mentally sane'. Thus, he could be held responsible for his actions. He remains in detention.
The trial has been adjourned to September 15.

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