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IT’S A BIT like saying we told you so in retrospect but not too many people who know Arun Nayar, back home in Mumbai, are surprised his marriage with model and actress Liz Hurley, has ended.

By (Sudha Menon)

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Published: Sat 25 Dec 2010, 9:34 PM

Last updated: Thu 10 Aug 2023, 4:12 PM

A lot of elegantly shaped eyebrows had arched in surprise over girlie lunches and lots of expensive cigars smoked in expensive clubs by men who could not fathom how the mild-mannered, rather staid Arun had snagged sizzling Hurley of the smouldering eyes and plunging necklines.

What does he have that we don’t, seemed to be the chorus in 2007 when the two got hitched in a palace hotel in Jodhpur where celebrities celebrated the fairy tale wedding.

Now all that seems like a bit of a waste considering Nayar has been dumped by the wayside for cricket’s enfant terrible, Shane Warne, he of the infamous sexting fame which caused long-suffering wife to finally pack up and leave with her 3 kids. They got back together for the sake of the kids but eventually, it ended when bad boy Warne displayed his true colours yet again, cosying up in freezing London for two days of hot action with Hurley, in a hotel room.

Where does that leave poor Nayar? We don’t know whether to congratulate him or feel sorry for the suddenly single bloke. It can’t be a very nice thing for the entire world to imply that the super sexy Hurley found her rich Indian husband not hot enough for her but what could be even worse for him is to stick around in a relationship which was as dull as the infamous English weather.

“Painful, sad days. Arun & I separated for private reasons but FTR (for the record) he has been a great father to our son Damian & will always be in his life,” Hurley tweeted after pictures of her and new lover, Warne, surfaced in British newspapers last week. We think the Bedazzled babe could have done better than that. For instance they could have made a dignified announcement before she hit the circuit looking for a new man.

And much as we would like to respect the fact that a woman has the right to choose the life she wants, we do feel this is one wronged man who could do with some sympathy. And, some compensation for this unasked for trouble in paradise. If a woman can do it, why not a man? There is no pre-nup and presuming that Nayar has the courage to do it, he could well walk away with at least one of the many houses that Hurley has bought after they got married. He has gotten used to a certain standard of living, remember?

Nayar’s legal counsel during his first divorce, has been talking in Mumbai last weekend, saying her client is a decent, dignified man who will not drag his personal life through the media glare. That might actually work against him now. Being good and decent got him nothing much than the ignominy of being dumped. What we think he should do is to pull up his socks and go look after his own interests.

Other than the tame comment about sad days ahead because of the split, Hurly certainly isn’t moping. In fact, the media went to town about former beau Hugh Grant’s clandestine visit to her London home, just minutes after Nayar left it. Now if that is not a signal for Nayar, we don’t know what it…….


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