Abu Dhabi worker awarded Dh30,000 compensation for injuries at construction site


Abu Dhabi - The worker was severely injured when a concrete block fell on him while at work


Ismail Sebugwaawo

Published: Thu 9 Sep 2021, 3:46 AM

A construction worker, who was severely injured when a concrete block fell on him while on duty at a worksite in Abu Dhabi, has been awarded Dh30,000 in compensation for the injury.

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The Abu Dhabi Civil Court of First Instance instructed the construction firm, where the Asian man was employed, to pay him the amount in compensation for the physical and material damages he suffered due to the accident.

Official court documents stated that the man was on duty when a concrete block accidentally fell and hit him.

A medical report stated that the worker had sustained severe injuries to the lower part of his body, including his left leg and thigh, causing him permanent disability.

Police investigations confirmed that the company was negligent and had violated safety requirements at the site, leading to the accident.

The Abu Dhabi criminal court had earlier fined the construction firm Dh10,000 after it was found guilty of violating safety measures.

The worker then filed a civil lawsuit against the company, demanding Dh80,000 in compensation for physical, moral and material damages.

In his lawsuit, the worker said that due to the injury on his left thigh, he could not walk normally.  A medical report showed that the man had suffered a permanent disability of 25 per cent to the lower left limb. It indicated that the plaintiff, who worked as a construction worker, was affected by the injuries and limited his ability to perform his duties, but did not affect his work.

After hearing from all parties, the judge issued a ruling ordering the construction firm to pay the worker Dh30,000 as compensation for the damages in addition to paying his legal expenses.


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