Robotic tower can be the way out of parking shortage

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Robotic tower can be the way out of parking shortage

Company introduces concept of a fully automated robo-park tower in minimum space; 120 cars can be parked in 10-storeyed tower.

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Published: Thu 23 Jan 2014, 1:17 AM

Last updated: Tue 7 Apr 2015, 9:59 PM

Compact robotic parking towers could be the way forward forovercoming parking shortages and reducing road congestions of old Dubai, according to the head of the latest company to introduce the concept of a fully automated robo-park tower in minimum space.

V.S Noushad, executive director of He-Man Robopark Car Parking System from India, claims that robotic parking system installed in a 10-storeyed tower in 324msq area can park 120 cars.

“It saves 90 per cent land compared to land car parking and 50 per cent land compared to conventional concrete ramp car parking. And the best part is that the car retrieval time is just two minutes from any level, which is very less compared to other systems,” Noushad told Khaleej Times.

He said the system is designed to use minimum space at a lesser time. “Our system uses just five motors and diagonal moving system for lifting cars. In some systems, the parking slot rotates or pallet rotates which requires more space, time and maintenance. Here, only the central unit moves and we have two central units so that one can push aside the other and retrieve cars in case of any failure in the system.”

It allows two entry points and two retrieval points from any floor. Motorists can leave their cars at the entry point and use a smart card to activate robotic parking.

They can use the same card to retrieve their car and make payment. Designed and developed in India, the system will be executed and maintained in the UAE by Armada Masibus LLC. It was launched in the UAE at a recent function by M.A. Yusuffali, MD of Emke Group and Director Board Member Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industries.

“This is not just a product for marketing. It’s a solution for a major parking issue here. It is likely to worsen as the number of cars increases every year,” said Managing Director of Armada, Masibus Vazeer Rahman.

“We are targeting the narrow streets in Dubai where parking is a big issue. We will be helping the owners of the private parking in ‘kaccha’ areas to set up such towers and earn much more than what they get now.”

He said the company would approach the Dubai Municipality next week to seek approvals for initiating projects in narrow streets in Dubai. Car rental companies, service stations and hotels with less space for valet parking are also considered potential customers for the robopark.

The customers (land owners) will be required to build the foundation and the rest of the structure will be assembled by the company. The product comprises fabricated units which on placing the order can be completed in four to six months depending on the parking requirement of the customers.

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