Warning! Your iPhone can be hacked

Warning! Your iPhone can be hacked

Here is the fix.

By Web Report

Published: Sun 23 Jul 2017, 2:09 PM

Watch out! Your phone and personal data could be at risk if you don't update it.

Hackers can break into your handset at will if you are near a corrupted Wi-Fi network, according to experts quoted by The Independent. Your phone doesn't even need to be connected to the network to be vulnerable to the attack. Corrupted networks can be everywhere, but they are often associated to public Wi-Fi networks - like cafes and other places with complimentary Wi-Fi access.

Phones that are in danger of being hacked include the iPhone 5 and later models - which means that those who own the 6, 6S and even the iPhone 7 are at peril.

However, thankfully, there is a simple remedy. And it neither requires any technical know-how nor any money.

The safest way of not being a potential cyberattack target is by updating your phone. The Independent says that iPhones have to be updated to the latest version - iOS 10.3.3 which fixes the vulnerability. On updating, the release notes that it "improves the security of your iPhone, iPad".

On the Android front, Google has already fixed the exploit on their latest operating system.

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