Youth Ambassadors Unite for Childhood Cancer Treatment in Pakistan

With a steadfast commitment to making a tangible difference in the world, the youth ambassadors have relentlessly worked round the clock to generate Dh 120,000 towards childhood cancer treatment


By Shiza Khan and Maha Aamir

Published: Mon 25 Mar 2024, 10:44 AM

With dreams for a more equitable future in their eyes and compassion for the underprivileged filling their hearts, the youth emerge as beacons of hope for present and future generations. Indus Hospital & Health Network (IHHN) firmly believes in harnessing the potential of the youth as agents of transformative change and actively engages them in pivotal projects. Through providing a nurturing platform and invaluable mentorship, IHHN empowers young individuals to translate their genuine passion into purposeful action.

In a bid to empower the youth, instill social responsibility, and cultivate future leaders, IHHN launched the Indus Youth Ambassador Programme (IYAP) in 2021, entrusting them to become catalysts for progress on both local and global scales. Starting with 15 trailblazing young minds, IYAP has now grown to over 130 dedicated individuals committed to saving lives. Through their combined efforts, hundreds of fundraising campaigns have been initiated, resulting in millions of lives saved by these dedicated youngsters. With a steadfast commitment to making a tangible difference in the world, the ambassadors have tirelessly raised funds for various causes, ranging from supporting victims of floods to combating the scourge of cancer.

In Pakistan, IHHN is not just a hospital; it is a sanctuary of hope and healing for more than six million patients annually. Since its inception in 2007, under the visionary leadership of Dr Abdul Bari Khan, IHHN has emerged as a formidable force in the fight against disease and despair. With unwavering dedication, it has tirelessly extended its healing touch to the most vulnerable segments of society, offering a lifeline to those who had nowhere else to turn. IHHN is a proud network of healthcare facilities comprising multiple hospitals, regional blood centres, physical rehabilitation centres, and primary care sites spread across Pakistan. Yet, its impact transcends mere infrastructure, reaching deep into the hearts and lives of millions with its free-of-cost healthcare services.


Amidst the healthcare challenges in Pakistan, Indus Youth Ambassadors have taken it upon themselves to confront the most pressing and pervasive threats in our society; childhood cancer. In Pakistan, the statistics paint a very sober picture of its prevalence, with more than 10,000 new cases of cancer annually, with a survival rate of only 35 per cent. The stark reality is that cancer not only inflicts physical suffering but also exacts a heavy emotional and financial toll on individuals and families, often pushing them to the brink of despair. In the face of such daunting odds, Indus Hospital & Health Network has boldly stepped forward, determined to shine a light in the darkness and offer a glimmer of hope to those grappling with this formidable adversary through its flagship Childhood Cancer Programme.

The cancer unit in IHHN rejuvenates childhoods and reignites smiles through its holistic approach to treatment. It has successfully provided free-of-cost medical treatment to over 12,000 children, with over 20,600 chemotherapy sessions conducted in the year 2023 alone. However, tackling cancer goes beyond medical interventions; it necessitates holistic care that encompasses emotional and mental well-being. IHHN nurtures these young spirits by providing them with psychosocial services and indulging them in creative activities. IHHN has also established a dedicated school for children affected by cancer to ensure that children undergoing treatment continue their education uninterrupted. This fosters an environment where friendships flourish, laughter resonates, and dreams take flight.

Inspired by the transformative impact of IHHN and compelled by the urgent need to address the harsh reality of cancer, the ambassadors have directed their fundraising efforts toward this cause. Through the ‘Indus Youth Ambassadors — Saving Lives Together’ campaign on Yallagive (IACAD No. PRHCE-0001434297), the dedicated ambassadors have not only raised vital funds but also instilled hope and solidarity among those affected by cancer.

To honour their dedication, The Indus Hospital hosted a Youth Ambassador Ceremony Dinner on March 2nd, 2024, celebrating the spirited efforts of youth in raising awareness and funds for underprivileged healthcare. Our devoted youth ambassadors Fayha Kamlani, Rayyan Sidat, Mariah Subbiah, Misha Ahmed, Ryka Nagrani, Layaan Rehman, Saif Seer, Alizah Waheed, Zara Soomar, Parishay Shah and Amira Hasan from Jumeirah Primary School, Zymal Fatima, Mikael Merchant, Hamnah Kashief, and Hadeeja Mansoor from Pristine Private School, Eimaan Irfan, Mishaal Asjad, Emaan Asjad, and Ibrahim Hasan from Jumeirah College, Ibrahim Ali Khan and Inayah Ali Khan from Gems Wellington International School, Jibran Muhammad Murtaza and Ahmed Nabil Salim from Kings School Al Barsha, Ali Mehdi from American School of Dubai, Wafia Wasif from Cranleigh Abu Dhabi, Myiesha Khan from Dubai English Speaking College, Zain Khan from Dubai International Academy, and Zaariya Zaman from Sunmarke School were awarded for their contributions.

Indus Mentors included Ziyad Akram and Muhammad Essa from Dubai College, Aiza Nabil Salim and Azaan Nabil Salim from Kings’ School Al Barsha, Hania Inam from Dubai American Academy, Ibrahim Ali Khan from Gems Wellington International School, Zyna Zulqadar from Jess Arabian Ranches and Eimaan Irfan from Jumeirah College. Indus Leaders included Muhammad Talha Rana, Aamnah Bhutta and Mikail Bhutta from Dubai International Academy, Zaina Akram from Dubai College and Dua Zafar from Pristine Private School.

Our champions of change have exemplified the essence of empathy and action, standing as beacons of support for those battling cancer. Their collective efforts testify the profound impact that passionate individuals can have in alleviating the burdens of illness and fostering a community of care and compassion.

Shiza Khan and Maha Aamir

Published: Mon 25 Mar 2024, 10:44 AM

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