Unleashing The Power Of The Youth

To ensure a better tomorrow for the country and the people, the younger generation needs to be empowered and encouraged to take action

By Huda Hamid and Maha Aamir

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Published: Thu 23 Mar 2023, 11:34 AM

The future of our society is inextricably linked to the youth of today. Youth is not just a word. It symbolises an idealistic hope and a promise for a better tomorrow. The youth are the ones who will inherit the world, as well as its challenges, and will be responsible for shaping it in the years to come. They are faced with the responsibility of finding solutions to the complex problems of our society. To unleash the power of our zealous youth, it is essential that we invest in them and provide them with the support they need to thrive.

The Indus Hospital, UAE branch (TIH UAE) recognises young people’s propensity for idealism over practicality as an asset, not a liability. In 2021, TIH UAE launched its Indus Youth Ambassador Programme (IYAP) to instil social and humanitarian consciousness and qualities of leadership and empathy within its ambassadors. IYAP gives these young people a chance to engage in activities that have an impact on the lives of others, surpassing geographical limitations and showcasing kindness that goes beyond borders.

The Indus Hospital, UAE Branch was established to support the Indus Hospital and Health Network (IHHN) in Pakistan. IHHN was created in 2007 to address the healthcare gap within Pakistan by providing quality healthcare, absolutely free of cost, to underprivileged and disenfranchised communities. IHHN started as a 150-bed hospital and today, is a thriving network of 15 hospitals, four physical rehabilitation centres, four regional blood centres, 36 primary care sites, container-based community health centres, Pakistan’s first-ever boat clinic, and various public health initiatives spread across the country. With such a diverse network, IHHN treats more than six million people in Pakistan, absolutely free of cost. IHHN is an entirely cashless and paperless organisation, meaning no patient, under any circumstance, has to pay for his medical bills. It is absolutely free of cost.

The need for robust healthcare provision in Pakistan is imperative, exacerbated by recent crises, such as the Covid pandemic and the devasting floods. With 0.6 beds available for every 1,000 patients, Pakistan’s position is very precarious as millions of vulnerable people lack access to a fundamental human right. In Pakistan, more than 50 per cent of the population is struggling to access primary-level health facilities, signifying an apparent need for the overall development of the healthcare system in the country. The recent flooding has further aggravated the health inequity in Pakistan.

TIH UAE is well aware of the importance of the youth and their unflinching support in times of crisis. Through IYAP, IHHN has created a platform where young people have been able to channel qualities of empathy and generosity by participating in Indus Hospital and Health Network’s humanitarian efforts and raising funds through Yallagive. IYAP’s bright young ambassadors proved to be an indispensable resource during the Covid-19 pandemic, and when the monsoon season of 2022 unleashed devastating floods in Pakistan, they once again stepped up to demonstrate how young people are the drivers of positive change. The floods left over 30 per cent of Pakistan under water, displacing over 33 million people and causing economic losses worth $30 billion. In the wake of this crisis, IHHN rolled out a nationwide Emergency Flood Relief response by setting up medical relief camps across Pakistan to provide free medical aid and diagnostic services to the victims.

TIH UAE launched ‘Pakistan Flood Relief 2022’ in mid-September on Yallagive under IACAD permit No. PRHCE 000142196. Through this campaign, Indus Youth Ambassadors were able to spread awareness about the severity of the destruction caused by the floods and raised a significant amount of funds for relief work in the flood-affected areas of Pakistan. Our passionate ambassadors were able to fund treatment for over 3,200 flood victims in Pakistan.

Our dedicated volunteers from Dubai College (Aadishree Choudhury, Hafsah Ditta, Aisha Ditta, Sofia Omer, Areesha Fehmi, Zahraa Muhammad, Aaditya Nair, Rayan Hassan, Alizé Zobairi, Danyaal Zobairi, Sabeen Shariff, Ayan Shariff, Anoushey Saquib, Aleesha Naeem, Amani Tumbi, Ayaan Ehsan, Eshaal Fazal, Faris Ejaz Ahmad, Faris Sadaat, Feraas Ahmed, Haya Kashan, Mikail Hashmi, Reza Tabba, Zaina Akram), Jumeirah College (Zain Ahmad, Inayah Bawany, Arhum Kamlani, Azaan Amjad, Taha Siddiqi, Pareysa Ahmed, Anaya Omer, Anya Ehsan, Mohammad Daniyal Khan, Aiza Baig), Gems Jumeirah Primary School (Kinaan Syed, Rishika Sajnani, Saadan Junaid Farooq, Affan Junaid Farooq, Ziyad Akram, Arham Hassan, Aiza Tumbi), Dubai International Academy (Muhammad Talha Rana, Muhammad Irtaza Rana, Aamnah Bhutta, Mikail Bhutta, Sharzeh Baqar), Jebel Ali School (Aaminah Pervez, Iman Tabani, Samar Hasan, Saniya Hasan, Mariam Hoque, Danyal Hoque, Rania Anwar), Gems WIS Dubai (Ibrahim Ali Khan, Ashar Awan, Zoya Lakhani), Dubai British School (Eshal Alavi, Enaya Alavi), Nord Anglia International School (Khadijah Ditta, Musa Pervez), The Indus Academy (Amaan Aamer Khan), The Sheffield Private School (Waleed Daaniyal), Deira International School (Wania Ehsan), International School of Choueifat (Mahad Ehsan), Gems Dubai American Academy (Saif Shariff), and NLCS (Zakariya Raie), as well as Hussain Ali Sandilo proved that kindness knows no boundaries.

Ultimately, the future of our society rests on the shoulders of the youth as they create a better, more just, and equitable world. However, in order to do so, we need to instil in them a sense of responsibility, compassion and empathy so that they become leaders and agents of change who will make a positive impact on the world.

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