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Faizal E Kottikollon, Founder and Chairman, KEF Holdings and Meitra Hospital
Faizal E Kottikollon, Founder and Chairman, KEF Holdings and Meitra Hospital

Published: Mon 15 Aug 2022, 12:00 AM

Tulah Clinical Wellness Resort focuses on enhancing one’s quality of life by integrating traditional and modern disciplines of medicine

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Located in Calicut, Kerala just 20 minutes away from Meitra Hospital, flagship quaternary care hospital of KEF Holdings, Dubai and the Calicut International Airport is Tulah Clinical Wellness Resort. Tulah promotes its signature philosophy of integrating both traditional healing modalities with innovative medicine and diagnostics to augment the capabilities of healthcare – allowing us to move away from the ‘diagnose and treat’ to the ‘prevent and manage’ model, which truly enriches the guest’s experience.

To summarise, Tulah seeks to enhance one’s quality of life through holistic therapies, curated based on genetic predispositions, sustainable management of chronic ailments with a lower dependence on allopathic medication, and complementary therapies pre and post-surgery to improve overall healing and recovery.

Individual needs are assessed before starting one’s programme, through a data-driven consultation with a team of experts from Ayurveda, functional, clinical, and rehabilitative medicine. Combined with a nutrition plan and a customised movement plan, the dependence on evidence-based clinical therapy and medicine should steadily decrease over time.

Redefining the Typical Surgery

The clinical wellness centre is fully equipped with sophisticated diagnostic technologies with an in-house X-Ray machine, MRI machine, Ultrasound, and a CT scanner. It is also designed with state-of-the-art operation theatres and ICU units that support common acute and chronic medical conditions. Most minor, daycare, and major surgeries are directly performed at Tulah. For further advanced surgeries, guests from Tulah are checked into Meitra Hospital for the surgery and return back to Tulah, for an outstanding post-surgical rehabilitation experience that significantly improves their healing.

Beautiful location

With an investment of Dhs 400 million, the 130-key, 32-acre property is set against a tranquil backdrop of lush, green hills, located on the highest elevation in the region, providing guests with picturesque views.

The resort has been designed with minimalistic interiors and open spaces, inviting them to connect with the natural surroundings and landscapes. Integrating sustainability into the project was also a core pillar in the development, motivating the design team to use entirely renewable materials during construction. Along with this, Tulah promotes the circular use of natural resources with innovative sustainable technologies through radiant cooling, hydroponics, rainwater harvesting, solar power, and organic farming.

The resort design incorporates multi-functional facilities such as water features, full-service spas, steam baths, fitness studios, garden spaces and walkways, multi-cuisine farm-to-table restaurants, lounge spaces, and a wellness academic centre. Guests can also learn the tenets and practices of Ayurveda, Yoga, Sowa Rigpa, and Vedanta, and participate in various meditative healing rituals like ‘Sound Healing’.

With access to beaches and backwaters nearby, this architectural vision brings inspiration and enchantment to anyone that visits.


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