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Nasal hygiene, if maintained properly, can improve your quality of life


Rhonita Patnaik

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Published: Thu 26 Aug 2021, 12:00 AM

The UAE’s hot weather is upon us and the humidity isn’t easy on anybody. But for people with sinusitis and other sinus issues, the constantly changing weather can make life absolutely miserable. The unpredictability can certainly be rough, but the heat and humidity can truly harm your sinuses, which is where daily nasal hygiene takes the priority.

Nasal hygiene, just like personal hygiene, sleep hygiene, and dental hygiene, is an important part of your daily wellness routine. We’re not talking about flushing your nose.

True nasal hygiene is the practice of keeping your sinuses clean, clear, and moisturised to ensure your nose functions at its peak performance. Implementing a proper nasal rinse will not only help you relieve sinus pressure and breathe better, but it will also allow you to function with more energy, so you feel better and perform better.

Little is known about the importance of good nasal hygiene, especially since we started regularly wearing masks. Cleaning your nasal cavities, if done daily and correctly, can play an important role in prevention of dust, viruses, bacteria, and allergens which can lead to illness or long-term breathing difficulty.

A new review published in the Journal of Allergy and Infectious Disease found that nasal hygiene options, such as nasal sprays, are effective tools to defend against symptoms of Covid-19 when combined with other approaches, such as social distancing and mask wearing.

The nose is an amazing structure working hard for us every hour of the day. Being the organ that enables us to smell, it also acts as a filter for cleaning, moistening, and warming up the air we breathe in. As such the nose acts as the first line of defense against inhaled invaders. In all cases of daily life, the nose must be cleaned out of infectious agents, allergens, and irritants.

When the nasal passages are dried-out, irritated or congested, they cannot be as efficient in defending you against harmful pathogens. Keeping the nose clean, hydrated, and moisturised helps it to function optimally in defending you against airborne contaminants. It also reduces the onset of symptoms associated with colds and flus and reduces the risk of further infections.

Maintaining good nasal hygiene not only assists your nose in preparing and improving the quality of air you take in, but it can also provide additional health benefits, such as enhancing your overall quality of life. To start with, you may find that you feel more energetic and active as a result of being able to breathe better, without congestion and irritation. You may also find that because you feel better, you sleep better; and because you sleep better, you feel better. Now, that’s a positive health cycle we can all benefit from.

For anyone suffering from allergies, by practising proper nasal hygiene, you can sometimes reduce the amount of medication you need to fight your symptoms. Imagine a world without the drowsiness and other side-effects of your daily allergy meds. By simply adding sinus rinsing to your daily cleansing routine, you can start to take back your clarity and gain control of your life again.

In a similar fashion, those suffering from asthma may also find relief from their symptoms by adopting a proper nasal hygiene routine. By keeping your sinuses free from dust and other particulates, asthma sufferers could find they're less prone to attacks and less dependent on drugs, allowing them to get on with the things that matter most in their lives.

Practising proper nasal hygiene can not only help relieve allergy symptoms and reduce the chances of an asthma attack, it can also help you breathe better, feel better, and perform at your best. By taking just a few minutes out of your day to rinse away the dust, bacteria, and viruses from your sinuses, you're sure to notice an instant improvement in your ability to function better, think clearer, and act with more confidence.

— Source: Dubai PR Network.

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