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A delegation of Pakistan Business Council (UAE) called on Prime Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharifon January 13 in Abu Dhabi.
A delegation of Pakistan Business Council (UAE) called on Prime Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharifon January 13 in Abu Dhabi.

Acting as a bridge between the two countries, Pakistan Business Council, Dubai continues to promote the interests of Pakistani entities and raises awareness about latest developments through its platform

By Muhammad Ali Bandial

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Published: Thu 23 Mar 2023, 11:08 AM

The Pakistan Business Council (PBC) Dubai chapter began its journey in 1984 as a branch of the Pakistan Association Dubai. In 2004, the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI) recognised the need to create business councils for different communities to enhance foreign trade. Consequently, PBC separated from the Pakistan Association Dubai and became a registered business council with the DCCI. Under the leadership and guidance of the DCCI, PBC’s activities and events are monitored, and the council is provided with assistance and information regarding business and trade regulations in Dubai.

Muhammad Iqbal Dawood, Chairman at PBC, said: “Pakistan Business Council comprises currently of 1, 300 registered members from industries ranging from automobiles to machinery and business machines, insurance and finance, education, real estate development, print/electronic media, digital advertising, and others based in the UAE.”


Muhammad Iqbal Dawood, Chairman
Muhammad Iqbal Dawood, Chairman

PBC holds regular meetings to bring all Pakistani business elements onto a single platform and disseminates information to the business community through various events. PBC also maintains links with regional Pakistani trade associations and chambers of commerce to keep them informed about the latest business opportunities and regulations. He added that the purpose of PBC is to serve as a direct liaison with the Dubai Chamber of Commerce, various chambers of commerce in Pakistan, and other chambers of commerce and business organisations around the world. Furthermore, PBC aims to collaborate on commercial matters of mutual interest with individuals and organisations in Dubai and other Emirates and to increase the Pakistani business community’s understanding of Dubai’s commercial position in the Middle East.

Long-lasting ties

Dawood said that the UAE and Pakistan have enjoyed very good relations since the formation of the country. “The late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the founder of the UAE, always considered Pakistan his second home and he set up a number of public welfare projects in Pakistan. Pakistan has provided its professional and manpower for the development of UAE with the country being home to about 1.6 million Pakistanis who are serving UAE almost in all social and economic fields,” he added.

The business ties between Pakistan and UAE have grown over the last 50 years due to common belief in the peace and prosperity of its people. Due to its proximity to Pakistan, the food industry is the most popular sector in the UAE, with goods arriving in just two days. This has led to a high demand for Pakistani mangoes, oranges, vegetables, and other food items, and there is still significant potential for growth in this sector, said Dawood. Additionally, the textile industry is thriving, and the engineering sector is quickly emerging, creating opportunities for the Pakistani business community to expand its reach in the Middle East with the support of PBC.

Raising awareness among the community

Dawood said that the council has an additional responsibility of increasing the awareness of the business community. This is achieved by hosting monthly talks with influential figures from the UAE government who inform and update members on the latest laws and regulations. “On March 21, the Commerce Secretary from the Federal Government of Pakistan visited the UAE to discuss the finalisation of the Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA) between the UAE and Pakistan. As part of his visit, he spoke to the members of the PBC and updated them on the most recent developments and changes in motion,” he said.

In addition, the PBC keeps its members informed and prepared for upcoming developments in trade and business requirements. This is important as time is of the essence in the fast-paced world of business, and members need to be equipped with the necessary information to address any issues and answer any questions that may arise. Last year, UAE Government officials regularly attended PBC events to inform members about the future map of the UAE’s trade industry, the main pillars of the economy in the coming decade, and the country’s focus on attracting foreign investment and talent to make the UAE a logistics centre.

Latest legal rulings

The council also organised a lecture on corporate tax law, which will come into effect on July 1, 2023, providing its members with insights on how to prepare for it and what organisational restructuring may be necessary. In the past year, 44 laws have been changed, and the PBC has apprised its members of these changes, explained what they entail, and provided guidance on how to benefit from them.

“My message on this auspicious day is that Pakistan is facing various challenges. It has been the most affected country due to climate change. We have to unite together and resolve our differences and work to make Pakistan a prosperous country. Pakistan has abundant resources with a young population, a strategic location and natural resources. Let us work hard and exploit our opportunities.” —Muhammad Iqbal Dawood, Chairman, PBC


Those interested can apply for membership via the online form on the PBC official website, or contact Ms. Ellanie, Office Manager, on or. Shahid Iftikhar, Executive Assistant, on for further assistance.


Category A: Dubai-based Pakistani Corporate Business Membership

Membership in this category is open to Pakistani businesses registered in Dubai, either independently or in affiliation with a UAE National or with a UAE Corporate body.

Category B: Dubai-based Pakistani Individual Membership

Membership in this category is open to all Pakistani nationals who are working in Dubai, except individuals that qualify as the representative of Dubai based Pakistani Corporate Member.


  • Promote trade, commerce and investment between the two countries.
  • Facilitate businessmen who are interested in investing in Dubai and other freezones in the UAE in all possible ways by providing them information in various avenues.
  • Introduce Pakistani products to business houses in the UAE, especially in Dubai for investment and for joint venture in Pakistan.
  • Organise exhibitions in Dubai to promote Pakistani products is another salient feature. At PBC Dubai exhibit, chamber members can participate and display their products.

Enabling advancement

The support of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry is helping Pakistani businesses thrive

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