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Mahmoud Al Hamarshah, General Manager, Galadari Trucks and Heavy Equipment
Mahmoud Al Hamarshah, General Manager, Galadari Trucks and Heavy Equipment

Celebrating more than three decades of a relationship built on shared goals, Galadari Trucks and Heavy Equipment and Komatsu continue to lead the market with their focus on meeting customer needs

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Published: Fri 9 Dec 2022, 10:09 AM

In the domain of trucks and heavy equipment, Galadari Trucks and Heavy Equipment (GTHE) is a UAE-based company that has enjoyed great success over the years. This leading position owes much to its long-standing relationship with Komatsu, a Japanese manufacturer and supplier of earth-moving equipment. Looking to the future, Mahmoud Al Hamarshah, General Manager at Galadari Heavy Equipment Division, remains confident that the cooperation will only grow further.

Speaking about the company’s progress in the current year, he said: “Our journey this year was an exceptional one. The good news is that this year we have been able to maintain the number one market share.” He added that reputation matters the most and the company’s vision has always been to the milestones with the shareholders and to take them along every step of the way.

Navigating Uncertainty

Looking back on the year, Al Hamarshah said: “The start to the year was very tough due to the pandemic and the global and regional situation, leading to supply issues and shipment problems.” He acknowledged the management and astute planning from team, which helped GTHE navigate through the uncertainty. “As a Galadari team, the directions which came from the head office played a crucial role in helping us chart our way. As a result, we were able to meet the demands of the customers and maintain their trust,” he added.

“Our main vision for this year to be different than others. We were able to achieve that goal by maintaining a healthy inventory stock to meet customer needs, our responsive and supporting aftersales teams and our shareholders were kept abreast of all developments,” said Al Hamarshah. The commitment and dedication of the whole team resulted in the company being awarded for high performance plus also nabbing the number one market share.

Thriving Partnership

For more than four decades, GTHE has enjoyed a healthy relationship with the Japanese brand Komatsu, helping them establish a loyal and strong customer base in the region. “The relationship with Komatsu has been a long and steady one which we continue to build and strengthen,” said Al Hamarshah, adding that GTHE has always cherished and celebrated its journey with Komatsu, which has grown stronger over the years. “The quality of Komatsu products has never gone down, which customers have come to rely on. The key to ur success is our strong relationship with our customers, which has been built on a tradition of trust and reliability. We have always gone above and beyond the needs of our customers and have time and again repaid their faith in us through our superior service and offerings. That is the feedback we get across the board from our customers. Komatsu has been consistently working on improving the quality and technology and now they are moving towards hybrid products. They are starting with hybrid excavators which will come in the market in the near future,” he added.

Rising Above Challenges

Al Hamarshah said that the market in the UAE was highly competitive and there was a lot of competition amongst the brands, vying for the top spot. “It is this constant challenge to remain at the top and to keep the reputation and name of Galadari on the lips of every customer that motivates us to do well,” he added. He credited the whole team at GTHE for taking the challenges in their stride and being fully committed each day to surpass expectations. The result is there for all to see he said as the company has secured the number one market share. He said that it was all due to the competition in the market that made them stronger every day.

Healthy Signs

Al Hamarshah said that after the pandemic, every sector has shown appetite for growth and expansion, which is the sign of a healthy market. These include tourism, travel, hospitality and so on. The good thing about the UAE, which has helped it maintain this growth is that they have a budget and a target for every year. This target is followed and achieved. On the topic of sustainability, he said that the UAE is pivoting towards renewable energy now and this bodes well for the future. The country has put in place policies to meet the needs.

“The important thing is that the Galadari name and reputation has reached number one and even in the market, the feedback has always been positive. That has always been the vision and we are proud to have maintained that successful track record. Therefore, we are covering all the needs of the customer by providing full solutions. These are the main things that we are doing as we expand to ensure that the customer can rely on us to provide all that they need. That is our main strategy. It is our know-how and this is how we have positioned ourselves,” said Al Hamarshah.

“We are so proud to be working for Galadari and our vision remains the same. Year by year, I feel that we are on track to remain the number one in the market. And I am confident that we will live up to the reputation that the company has built over the years,” he concluded.

— ali@khaleejtimes.com

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