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The leading tyre management company has grown to become a leading player in the industry, providing clients with superior services and unique solutions

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Dr. Surender Singh Kandhari, Chairman and Founder of Al Dobowi Group, Pravasi Bharatiya Samman Awardee
Dr. Surender Singh Kandhari, Chairman and Founder of Al Dobowi Group, Pravasi Bharatiya Samman Awardee

Published: Fri 26 Jan 2024, 12:12 PM

Established in 1976, Al Dobowi Group emerged with a mission to meet the evolving demands of a burgeoning tyre management and service industry in the Middle East. Since its inception, the group has undergone a transformative journey, extending its scope far beyond tyre management. Today, Al Dobowi stands as a dynamic force, offering clients a diverse array of solutions within the realm of motion. From providing batteries for motive power and automotive applications to delivering cutting-edge oils and lubricants, conveyor belt systems, and technical rubber products, Al Dobowi has become synonymous with innovation and excellence.

Globally recognised as a premier systems and solutions provider, the company has carved a niche for itself in the tyre management, power storage, industrial rubber, material handling, and fluid management industries.

Diversified Excellence

Over the years, Al Dobowi Group of Companies has established a noteworthy presence across more than 10 countries, with a workforce exceeding 2,000 individuals. Functioning cohesively as a unified corporate enterprise, the group is dedicated to excelling in the realms of manufacturing and distribution. The organisation engages in contract manufacturing of its tyres within some of the largest tyre plants in Asia, utilising proprietary equipment and conducting research and development initiatives. Recognised as the largest battery manufacturer in the MENA region, Al Dobowi provides automotive and industrial solutions that drive the diverse economic activities of the global stage.

Global Leader in Industrial Battery Market

Eternity Technologies is one of the fastest growing industrial battery company in the world, offering a wide range of industrial batteries and services for material handling equipment such as electric forklifts and renewable energy storage such as off grid solar systems. Eternity Technologies operate from a unique global and regional state of the art manufacturing facility, specialising in the manufacture and supply of industry leading, high performance industrial batteries.

Established in 2011 under the auspices of the Al Dobowi Group in Ras Al Khaimah, Eternity Technologies swiftly emerged as a formidable player in the production of lead-acid batteries for the Motive Power battery market, catering to applications such as electric forklift trucks. In 2014, Eternity Technologies unveiled its comprehensive range of OPzV and OPzS batteries, strategically positioned to meet the demands of the global standby power market. Subsequently, in 2020, the company further augmented its portfolio and manufacturing capabilities by introducing 6V and 12V Gel Blocs, specifically designed to serve the needs of light traction and standby renewable applications.

New Standards of Performance

To mark its 10-year anniversary in 2021, Eternity Technologies launched QUASAR, a new generation of Thin Tube Carbon Nano Motive Battery to serve demanding motive applications. QUASAR batteries offer longer running time, fast charging capabilities, longer lifespan and extreme performance in cold storage applications, predominately for the heavy-duty material handling market such as airport ground support.

The company now sells to over 100 countries worldwide. In addition to its two major factories situated in the UAE, the company has forged partnerships with businesses in Germany, Spain, the US, Chile, and South Africa, facilitating regional distributorship and offering localised cell assembly services. Eternity Technologies boasts an extensive product range, encompassing cells, batteries, blocs, chargers, and accessories tailored for the Motive Power, Standby Power, and Renewable Energy markets. Rapidly gaining prominence, Eternity Technologies plays a pivotal role in solar energy storage and sustainability efforts in the UAE, promoting a truly circular economy by utilising over 80 per cent recycled materials in the manufacturing of new lead-acid batteries. The company is steadfast in its commitment to delivering the most reliable, sustainable, and readily available industrial battery solutions, with 99 per cent recyclable products, actively contributing to the circular economy in the UAE.

Wishes for the Republic Day

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