Nurturing Excellence

Unlock your true potential as Dr. Neil Hopkin FRSA, Executive Principal, Sunmarke School, highlights how students can embrace their transformative journey of growth, knowledge, and success with Sunmarke School

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Published: Thu 25 May 2023, 10:32 AM

Global Centre of Excellence

Sunmarke School is a global centre of excellence for positive education. This approach to leading children’s learning and development ensures that their character development is given as much emphasis as their academic excellence. Adults are often hired based on their qualifications but fired based on their competencies. Positive education ensures that children develop as thoroughly reflective, well-rounded, high-achieving people and that accordingly, they are perfectly prepared to make a transformative difference in the world.

Dr. Neil Hopkin FRSA, Executive Principal, Sunmarke School
Dr. Neil Hopkin FRSA, Executive Principal, Sunmarke School

Unparalleled STEAM Programme

We offer an unparalleled STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Maths) programme that is based on Stanford D.School’s Design Thinking principles, in world-class, state-of-the-art, STEAM centres. From age five upwards, our students learn to empathise, ideate, prototype, test and refine their concepts, ideas and products, using skills that are deployed in all the world’s leading companies. There is no finer preparation for higher-order thinking and our unique programme is the ultimate in upskilling for learners.

Positive Education Ethos

Sunmarke School has a PosEd culture of affirmation, encouragement, challenge and development. Every student here understands that we all benefit from an environment that seeks to develop harmony and progress in collaboration and cooperation with one another.

Towards Net Zero

Sunmarke School has made significant investments in reducing its carbon footprint through analysis of the school’s infrastructure and systems, recycling, ‘greening’ of the environment and reduction of waste production and fuel usage. However, the key to all of these innovations is our learning focus on children falling in love with nature. We have created a complete Forest School environment where our students advance their learning in a natural forest environment. We also bring our sustainability learning into the school through our extensive hydroponics systems.

Environment and Sustainability

The school has integrated sustainability throughout its curriculum, modelled on the world-famous Bronx School system. Here students of all ages bring together their Design Thinking know-how, alongside their environmental empathy to respond to a bespoke curriculum aimed to advance not only students’ understanding of sustainability but their compassion, motivation and ability to make a change in the world around them.

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