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Published: Wed 29 Nov 2023, 11:00 AM

Last updated: Wed 29 Nov 2023, 11:11 AM

The year 2023 marks a pivotal moment in the global fight against climate change, as nations convene for the 28th session of the UNFCCC’s Conference of the Parties (COP28) in Expo City, Dubai. This gathering presents a unique opportunity for universities and leading institutions to play their part in shaping sustainable solutions and fostering meaningful change. At Middlesex University (MDX) Dubai, sustainability has always been a key focus, as the University works tirelessly towards creating outcomes that positively impact the future for students, faculty, the community, and the city.

MDX are proud to be the first university in the UAE to report the sustainability practices of the entire campus to the United Nations Global Compact Local Network UAE, and this year became a member of the COP28 University Climate Network. In alignment with COP28, the Middlesex University Dubai Knowledge Park campus will become the location for one of the most prominent symposiums on climate control: Climate Law and Governance Day (CLGD) 2023.

Climate Law and Governance Day 2023

CLGD is the premier event for educators, researchers, practitioners and experts in international law and governance and takes place annually in conjunction with COP. Hosted by the Climate Law and Governance Initiative (CLGI) in partnership with Middlesex University Dubai, Cambridge University and other valued partners, the 2023 edition will take place on December 5, developing on a series of special events co-hosted by key CLGI education, government, and industry partners.

With leading climate law and governance counsels, experts and practitioners preparing to join over 20,000 Party delegates and observers for COP28, CLGD 2023 gives us a vital platform to share innovations and practices and ensure the perspectives of all impacted communities are represented when achieving the race to net zero. Many insights from previous CLGI events have been adapted into COP agreements signed by high-profile delegates.

Professor Cody Morris Paris, Deputy Director of Research and Business at Middlesex University Dubai said: “CLGD 2023 presents an unparalleled opportunity for students, attendees, and partners to connect with COP28 delegates including leading climate law and governance counsel, experts, and practitioners. The themes of CLGD 2023 complement the vision and goals set by the COP28 Presidency and will focus on technology and innovation, inclusion, front-line communities, finance and the global stocktake, and how these can be integrated to achieve the Paris Agreement and COP Outcomes.”

Universities as Crucial Stakeholders

Universities are more than centres for education; they are hubs of innovation, research, and knowledge creation. As key stakeholders in society, universities possess the expertise and intellectual capital necessary to contribute significantly to the discourse surrounding climate change. COP28 and Climate Law and Governance Day provide a platform for universities to showcase their research, advancements, and initiatives geared towards environmental sustainability.

Middlesex University Dubai has been committed in its efforts to align with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, with the formation of the Middlesex Institute of Sustainable Development (ISD).

The ISD is responsible for the planning and implementation of sustainable initiatives, working closely with internal and external stakeholders to develop and design sustainable solutions that address both our current and future generations.

Andrew Mackenzie, Head of the Institute of Sustainable Development said: “The UAE has already made significant progress in reducing its greenhouse gas emissions and in developing new technologies and solutions to address climate change. Middlesex University Dubai contributes to this effort by being a thought leader in sustainable development and driving the advancement of sustainable mindsets in our students, industry, and higher education initiatives. COP28 will be a chance to showcase these efforts and inspire other institutions and countries to take action. COP28 is a critical moment for the world to come together and take bold action on climate change, and the UAE is the perfect place to do it.”

Ongoing Commitment to Sustainable Initiatives

In preparation for the high-profile CLGD event on December 5, MDX and the ISD have provided students with a packed schedule of sustainability-themed workshops, events, and panel discussions on campus, such as the Sustainability and Waste Recycling Symposium that was held on 8 November in partnership with Enviroserve UAE, the only integrated waste recycling hub in the Middle East and Africa, and DGRADE, a material manufacturer creating products from recycled plastic. The event was designed to play a key role in advancing youth engagement in sustainable practices, and empowering good decisions when it comes to reusing and recycling.

The University also participated as the Official Academic Partner at the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) World Investment Forum 2023 in Abu Dhabi, UAE from 16 to 20 October. This year’s event included focused tracks and sessions on topics such as green investments in sustainable development, sustainable infrastructure, FDI and energy transition, and international business policy in sustainable growth, with outcomes feeding into the upcoming COP negotiations. As the Academic Partner, MDX hosted panel discussions and fireside chats, and over 120 Middlesex University Dubai students were able to attend the event as volunteers.

Earlier in the year, Middlesex University Dubai also launched its two-day sustainability festival: For the Love of the Planet, during which 425 clothing items were saved from going to landfills, potentially offsetting up to 13kg of carbon emission.

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