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Technicians will have to keep evolving and keep in touch with new technologies in their field as the success of concerts and events depends on acoustics and the visuals

By Ghazala Tikki Zaman and Tabassum Vally

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Syed Ishtiaq and Sajjad Ali
Syed Ishtiaq and Sajjad Ali

Published: Mon 25 Mar 2024, 10:48 AM

The work of audio video technicians is by no means easy. Technicians constantly have to keep evolving and keep in touch with new technologies in their field. They have to have a good eye for image and sound quality along with great interpersonal skills.

Syed Ishtiaq

Shadab studios in Pakistan is one of the oldest audio visual companies. Established in the 70s in Karachi it is now a land mark of excellence in the audio, visual and recording world. Syed Ishtiaq Ahmed is a dedicated proprietor of the company and along with his team has been a part of the company’s achievements over the years.

Ishtiaq has inherited a passion for his work from his father who founded the company in Karachi in 1970’s when the world of audio visual was very restricted.

Today the studio stands for its high reputation in creating the magic of audio visual effects in almost every big event held in Pakistan and across borders.

Ishtiaq recounts many experiences in his field which were challenging, successful and highly rated by the audience.

Ishtiaq has been closely associated with events held in UAE since 1984. In those days he use to work with limited resources as the technology was not so evolved. Today the world of Audio and Visual technology is very different and this gives him a lot of flexibility in creating an imaginative world for the audience.

Working with renowned artists like Nusrat Fateh Ali, Sajjad Ali, Atif Aslam and Rahat Fateh Ali has placed Ishtiaq as one of the most sought after professionals in his field.

At any given event a team of not less than three hundred technicians use their expert skill to create a great atmosphere for the audience.

The success of concerts and events such as Lux awards, opening ceremony of PSL etc depends on acoustics and the visuals. The artists now perform amidst the glitz of a well curated audio and visual setup. With modern technology in, light sound and recording Ishtiaq and his team can make any event an enchanting experience.

The immersive Coke arena in Dubai is an example of his skillful talent. We are all familiar with the lights and acoustics of this stunning arena where many concerts are held throughout the year. To his credit are many concerts held here which have used his expertise to create a magical display of lights and sound.

Ishtiaq has done many global tours with celebrities like Vital signs, Rahat Fateh Ali, Sajjad Ali, Shafqat Ammant Ali to name a few.

Those of us who attended the concerts held as part of expo events may recall the grandeur and scale of work witnessed during these events. Concerts held by celebrities like Rahat Fateh Ali and Atif Aslam were all covered by Ishtiaq and his team and without a doubt they delivered an astounding atmosphere for the audience.

At the start of any given project and his team have to understand the expectations of the client ,create the technical drawings for the A/V systems and implement with precision. Ishtiaq is accompanied by his two brothers Mansoor Ahmed and Umair Ahmed along with his nephew Waqas and son Saad, who are all a part of Shadab studios and the team continues to excel.

Ishtiaq has vast years of experience starting from 1984 when he would visit UAE. He recalls of concerts held at Nasar leisure land and Sports arena at Garhoud.

Today things are very different and audio visual technology has evolved given much more scope for creating a magical world at any given event.

“The AV team anywhere in the world deserve much recognition as they are the backbone of any event. The recording, the lights and the sounds are closely intertwined and are the key factor in the success of any event.”

Shahzad Ather

There are many professionals in UAE who are now “second generation” as they were born and brought up by their expat families in UAE.

Shahzad Ather’s family moved to Dubai in 1970s and ever since then they have considered Dubai their home. Ather grew up in Dubai and is currently a tech consultant at GBM a company which has a reputation of being one of the best tech companies in the region.

Ather has lived all his life in Dubai. Growing up in Dubai in the late 80s was very different compared to the busy life today. He recalls Dubai being very sparsely populated in comparison to the bustling streets today. Ghurair centre offered the best of shopping experience and undoubtedly it was hard to imagine the development UAE has seen at the turn of millennium, and especially over the last twenty years. The mega city is now home for many Pakistani expats who are completely at home in the UAE.

Ather after completing his studies in USA came back to Dubai and started his career in the tech industry.

Ather was certain in his mind that he was happiest in Dubai especially, as it offered, great career opportunities.

“Technology is rapidly evolving. We always have to be well informed in our profession which requires constant reading current and future trends.AI is taking the world by storm and UAE is fully ready for the new world of technology. We face many challenges every year and it is important to adapt quickly.”

Ather’s role and responsibilities require him to actively engage with new and existing clients from various sectors. These clients have different requirements around bespoke technology that can meet their individual demands.

“The gamut of offering is wide and could be all the way for Audio visual requirements, to many other innovation hub.”

Working at GBM has been very rewarding for Ather and being a tech expert he continues to contribute positively to the company. When Ather was assigned to the tech team for the Royal Atlantis he found working for the Royal Atlantis a privilege. As the Royal Atlantis stands tall and is one of the most luxurious building in the world, Ather feels proud of being a part of its tech team.

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