Felicitations on 50 Glorious Years

Nations of the world send their best wishes and commendations to the UAE for celebrating 50 glorious years of setting the benchmark for progress and development. The Golden Jubilee promises to bring forth a new era of enhanced bilateral relations and cooperation

Published: Thu 2 Dec 2021, 12:00 AM


Mohammed Abu Zafar, Ambassador of Bangladesh to the UAE

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the foundation of the United Arab Emirates, I, on behalf of the Embassy of Bangladesh in Abu Dhabi and Bangladesh nationals living in the UAE, would like to convey our heartfelt felicitations and warmest greetings to their Highness, the Government and the friendly people of the UAE.

Since its establishment the UAE has achieved remarkable success in all areas of economic, social and cultural life of the nation while positioning itself as a leading developed country globally. I salute the leadership of the visionary leadership of the country for their astute and far-sighted guidance.

Bangladesh and the UAE enjoy an excellent bilateral relations in which non-resident Bangladeshis are an important element. The non-resident Bangladeshis are proud to have played a part in the spectacular development story of the UAE, while affirming their commitment to continue working closely with the UAE in the next stage of its journey.

I wish Their Highnesses and leadership as well as the brotherly people of the UAE good health and wellbeing, peace and prosperity.

Long live Bangladesh- UAE friendship!


Peter Claes, Ambassador of Belgium to the UAE

Belgium warmly greets the United Arab Emirates on its 50th birthday and congratulates the country on its exceptional trajectory. We also celebrate 50 years of diplomatic relations and a close partnership in all fields, working together to promote peace and prosperity in the world. We are looking forward to continuing on this path and wish the people and leaders of the UAE a brilliant future.


Marcy Grossman, Ambassador of Canada to the UAE

Congratulations to the United Arab Emirates on this very special occasion, “The Year of the 50th” Canada commends the UAE’s commitment to innovation, its pursuit of partnerships, and steadfast leadership, all of which have led to the country’s remarkable progress. As Canada joins the UAE in marking this milestone in the nation’s journey, we sincerely look forward to celebrating another fifty years of our two countries’ partnership.


Jaan Reinhold, Ambassador of Republic of Estonia to the UAE

Congratulations to the leadership and to the people of our host country on the occasion of the 50th Anniversary of the United Arab Emirates.

The United Arab Emirates has become an important player in regional and international affairs. The achievements of your nation over the past decades, such as becoming the first Arab country to reach Mars, and hosting Expo 2020 Dubai, would have made the Founders of the Union proud.

As you celebrate the Golden Jubilee, I would like to highlight the importance that Estonia attaches to the friendly relations that exist between our two countries.

On behalf of the Embassy of the Republic of Estonia in Abu Dhabi, I wish the people of the United Arab Emirates success in their endeavours, happiness, and prosperity.


Xavier Chatel, Ambassador of France to the UAE

Over the past 50 years, the United Arab Emirates have stunned the world with their patient construction of an advanced and diversified economy that stands out in the region. France was proud to be part of that adventure, through its cooperation. And if the recent forays into space are any guide, we trust the next 50 to deliver their share of surprises!

The Embassy of France wishes the United Arab Emirates 50 more years full of projects and cooperation.


Ernst Peter Fischer, Ambassador of Germany to the UAE

On the UAE’s Golden Jubilee, I congratulate the United Arab Emirates, everyone that calls UAE home and the Emirati leadership.

In 1973 His Highness Sheikh Zayed, the founding father, told a German newspaper: “We want to continue to thrive when the oil wells run dry. Our country will be green then.” Since its formation, the UAE have had the vision to advance towards a noble aspiration. Germany is at your side. May the United Arab Emirates continue to flourish.


Dionysios Zois, Ambassador of Greece to the UAE

This year, the United Arab Emirates celebrates fifty years of progress, development, prosperity and tremendous achievements. As an Ambassador who has served in the UAE for 16 years in total, I feel honoured and happy to be present and participate at this historical celebration. I extend my warmest and heartfelt congratulations to the leadership, government and people of the UAE, with the conviction that in the coming 50 years this country will witness bigger achievements and further prosperity.


Marianne Nissilä, Ambassador of Finland in the UAE

“Our warmest congratulations to the United Arab Emirates on this special year when your nation is celebrating its Golden Jubilee. The development of the UAE during the past decades has been extraordinary and your visions for the future are most impressive. Finland fully shares your objective of entering the next phase in development through investing in people, their education and skills.”


Amir Hayek, Ambassador of Israel to the UAE

The State of Israel is honoured to celebrate 50 Golden Years with our friends in the United Arab Emirates. The 50th celebration of the UAE’s National Day is a time for all of us to pay respect to the legacy that was passed on by the founders of this great country.

This legacy was deeply rooted in the values of coexistence, and has flourished into a great and noble vision that has transcended beyond borders and cultures.

The newly established relationship between Israel and the UAE is another strong demonstration of the country’s leading spirit and commitment to regional peace, development and growth for the benefit of all.

On behalf of the State of Israel and all its people, I wish to extend the warmest congratulations and blessings of prosperity and — common future — to the United Arab Emirates.


Ilan Sztulman Starosta, Consul General of Israel in Dubai

As Israel’s first Consul General to the UAE, I’m always eager to write about the UAE when it comes to this state. The UAE is a country of tolerance, co-existence, and peace. The UAE’s way of achieving goals and fulfilling them is unimaginable and reminds me the history of the state of Israel. Therefore, I see as natural that we will be allies and friends.


Dr Aman Puri, Consul General of India in Dubai and the Northern Emirates

On behalf of the government and people of India, I extend my best wishes to the visionary leadership and the people of the UAE on this momentous occasion of the UAE’s Golden Jubilee celebrations. I congratulate the UAE on their remarkable journey as it stands today as a symbol of resilience and tolerance for the entire world. The deep people to people bond between India and the UAE has set a robust foundation, and we look forward to continuing to strengthen our comprehensive strategic partnership. I pray for the progress and prosperity of the UAE.


Giuseppe Finocchiaro, Consul General of Italy in Dubai

“The history of the United Arab Emirates is the history of five decades of astonishing achievements: in modern history there are rare examples of such a rapid and comprehensive development.

It is a real privilege for me to serve as Consul General of Italy in Dubai in the year when the Federation celebrates its 50th Anniversary and hosts the Expo 2020 - the first World Fair in the Middle East. The United Arab Emirates and Italy share a deep friendship. We enjoy an excellent cooperation in the political, economic, cultural and scientific fields and are very keen to further enhance it in the coming half-century. Buon anniversario UAE!”


Mauro Marzocchi, Secretary General IICUAE

For a country, 50 years of life may be considered a short time, but the impetuous development of the United Arab Emirates, in the same period, is a unique example of global growth. Of these 50 years, I spent 37 in this country, and seeing this incredible transformation with my own eyes is an incredible emotion, which continues day by day. On the other hand, the Italian Industry & Commerce Office has also been in business here for 22 years now.

But these transformations never happen by chance; they happen only due to the far-sightedness of the rulers who have alternated at the helm of the country and of each emirate, who make peace one of the pillars of their international policy. I wish another 50 years of development and serenity for a country that is an example of integration, in which the representatives of about 200 nations feel they are citizens in all respects.


Akio Isomata, Ambassador of Japan to the UAE

My heartfelt congratulations on the 50th anniversary of the unification of the United Arab Emirates! The ongoing Expo 2020 Dubai verifies how the UAE has progressed from its first-ever participation in Expo held at Osaka in 1970 as Abu Dhabi, to hosting such a gigantic event today. As Japan and the UAE celebrates the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations in 2022, I believe our two nations continue to expand new frontiers together to make the next 50 years brighter.


Noboru Sekiguchi, Consul General of Japan in Dubai

I would like to extend my warmest congratulations to the 50 years anniversary of UAE’s foundation. The remarkable development of the UAE has been brought about since its historic unification with powerful leaderships of the wise leaders of the UAE and by the cooperation between each Emirates. Japan and the UAE has been fostering strong and friendly relations for the past 50 years. The two countries have expanded the scope of cooperation in the new fields such as space exploration, renewable energy, and women’s empowerment. As the Consul-General of Japan in Dubai, I would like to establish a multilayered and multifaceted cooperative relationship between our two nations for the next 50 years by putting more focus on exchanges of the future generation.


Mohd Tarid Sufian, Ambassador of Malaysia to the UAE

Malaysia extends its heartiest congratulations to the United Arab Emirates on the occasion of the National Day, marking its 50th anniversary as both countries consolidate further the existing close and warm ties that bind the leaders of the two countries and the peoples.

Malaysia wishes for the continued success of the UAE under the wise leadership of HH Sheikh Khalifa Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE and HH Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of the UAE.

In testimony to the brotherly ties, and to contribute towards post pandemic cooperation, Malaysia currently through its various government agencies led either at the ministerial level or senior officials and business delegation comprising captain of industries among others, have been participating in the Expo 2020 Dubai. Malaysia would like to extend its appreciation and gratitude for the opportunity reflecting the wisdom and leadership of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai in this regard. It is my earnest hope that the Expo 2020 Dubai would continue to serve as a platform for greater trade and economic as well as investment cooperation between the two countries and region as well as beyond.


Lody Embrechts, Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to the UAE

The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Abu Dhabi and the Consulate General in Dubai wish to congratulate the UAE leadership and its citizens on the Golden Jubilee. The UAE is 50 years young but has made remarkable achievements it can be proud of: from striking economic and human development to the Emirates Mars Mission and more recently the first World Expo in the Middle East! Congratulations to the men and women who have been part of this amazing journey!


Afzaal Mahmood, Ambassador of Pakistan to the UAE

On this momentous occasion, as our Emirati brothers and sisters celebrate their successes, Pakistanis join them to celebrate their achievements. The UAE is second home to about 1.6 million Pakistanis who not only bring pride to our two nations but also work as an effective bridge between our two countries. The contribution made by Pakistanis in the UAE towards strengthening our bonds of brotherhood has been remarkable over the decades.


Kamal R Vaswani, Ambassador of the Republic of Singapore to the UAE

“Singapore wishes all our friends in the UAE a joyous Golden Jubilee! Under its visionary leadership, the UAE has made remarkable strides in its development since 1971. There is an ambitious roadmap in place to make the next 50 years even more exciting as the UAE steps up its developmental agenda. Singapore and the UAE are similarly young nations and share an outward-looking agenda with a strong commitment to multilateralism. We are both also forward-looking nations. We look forward to further deepening our partnership with the UAE in the years ahead!”


Massimo Baggi, Ambassador of Switzerland to the UAE and Bahrain

In the course of the last 50 years, since the numerous visits to Switzerland of the late Sheikh Zayed, the United Arab Emirates have not only formed their own destiny, but also created a safe haven for people of all backgrounds to thrive together. On this anniversary, I wholeheartedly congratulate the UAE for those many accomplishments and look forward to expanding further our relationship; in the interest of the people of the UAE and Switzerland.


Tugay Tuncer, Ambassador of Turkey to the UAE

“The achievements of the UAE in its half-a-century-long journey are a testament to the vision of its leaders, as well as the determination and hardwork of the Emirati people. We congratulate our Emirati brothers and sisters on the 50th Anniversary of the foundation of the United Arab Emirates, and reaffirm our conviction that in the years ahead, the bond between our brotherly countries will further strengthen in line with the aspirations of both nations.”


Zaake W. Kibedi, Ambassador of Uganda to the UAE

On behalf of the President of Uganda, the people of Uganda and on my own behalf, I wish to congratulate the leadership, government and people of the UAE upon the Golden Jubilee anniversary. Tremendous growth and development milestones have been registered by the UAE ranging from sending satellites to the moon to hosting the Expo 2020 Dubai. UAE is now home to 200 nationalities which emphasises how it has become a nation of affluence and symbol of prosperity.


Nguyen Manh Tuan, Ambassador of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam to the UAE

“During the past 50 years of building and driving the country forward, the United Arab Emirates has recorded enormous achievements in political, economic, social and external relations areas. On the 50th National Day of the United Arab Emirates, I would take this opportunity to extend to the Emirati Government and people the warmest congratulations. May I wish the Emirates, under the wise reigns of H.H. Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan and His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, greater successes and a deserved position in the international arena.”

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