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Step into the enchanting realm of Vruksham – where traditions blend harmoniously with modern living

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Published: Tue 15 Aug 2023, 11:50 AM

Last updated: Tue 15 Aug 2023, 11:55 AM

Architecture isn’t merely an identity of a civilisation, it’s a reflection of its class, culture and societal interests.

As a result, the architectural and cultural characteristics of our day ought to define the essence of our civilisation for future generations. It’s also our belief that such architecture, meant to nurture and stand the test of time, should be built upon the bedrock of our traditions. These aren’t antiquated ideals for Vruksham – a new age property development company that strives to bring a new flavour of international standards to Coimbatore's landscape and has a passion for the best of the traditional architecture for the current generation.

For the past decade, Vruksham has been closely associated with the community of Coimbatore, offering truly innovative and high-quality projects. Our aim is to introduce a fresh, international standard of design to Coimbatore's landscape, while maintaining a passion for traditional architecture.

The Malaimarungil development represents our first foray into luxury-themed villas in Coimbatore, bringing together the rich cultural heritage and ethnic architecture of southern India with the modern practicality and comfort of today's world. Located in the foothills of the Western Ghats, this expansive 10-acre property offers a tranquil resort-like setting that is perfect for calling home. At Malaimarungil, you'll experience the charm of a bygone era in a rustic, peaceful environment.

Why Vruksham?

  • Design – Sustainability drives our design and choice of materials. We integrate traditional crafts into our designs for their inherent value.
  • Moden and Tradition – We choose combination of the modern and traditional aspects in our materials, techniques and details, creating a unique aesthetic design that has a global flavor while being decidedly Indian.
  • Architecture – Our experiences have taught us to respond socially, environmentally and architecturally, with ideas that make a difference, and we have received extremely well by our clients so far.

At Vruksham, we believe that our customers are our partners in progress and we work hard to ensure that our customers are taken care of at every step of the way.

Bringing a taste of luxury, Malaimarungil has introduced opulent themed villas to Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. Malaimarungil provides a melting point of South Indian ethnic architecture and cultural heritage in fusion with the practically and comfort of the modern world. Nestled in the foothills of the Western Ghats, the 10-acre expanse brings on the ambience of a quiet resort, the perfect place to make your home. At Malaimarungil, one will be enveloped in quaint, old-world charm amidst a rustic setting. When you’re invested in something, it’s your heart and soul that is at stake. We believe that’s how you should feel about your home. Our upcoming projects, Mayuram and Magizhagam, promise to deliver exactly this. These are homes that promise quality living for generations to come.

Vruksham – Mayuram

After its success with Malai Marungil, Vruksham rolls out its next project – Mayuram. Currently in its pre-launch booking phase, Mayuram is a captivating fusion of traditional South Indian architecture and contemporary design located at Madampatti, Coimbatore.

Step into the enchanting realm of Vruksham – where timeless traditions blend harmoniously with modern living. Nestled amidst the vibrant tapestry of Coimbatore’s cultural heritage, Mayuram promises a lifestyle that embraces the past and the comforts of the present.

The architectural landscape of South India boasts a rich history spanning centuries, characterised by its intricate craftsmanship, resplendent temples, and majestic palaces. Mayuram draws inspiration from these historical marvels and incorporates their unique features into every facet of the project. We believe each home should speak the language of its owner. Our ability to understand the characteristics of materials is paving the way to create a climate responsive design. We are always delighted to serve customers who want a lesser impact on the environment.

Vruksham is a young company committed to achieve sustainable development by looking back at its cultural roots. According to a company spokesperson, art and architecture define the identity of a civilisation long after it ceases to exist. “The architectural features and design aesthetics illustrate the social class and living standards of the people, town planning, management skills, culture and intelligence levels,” he notes. “Consequently, the present architectural, cultural and design features should be a landmark for the next generation to follow. Thus, for our current homes and buildings that we plan and build, which shelters and nurtures many generations to come, should stand the test of time and age and it should be built on the foundations of our traditions.” There is a major trend in south India towards a return to the roots in terms of the ethnic architecture and design of individual villas, says the spokesperson. “Traditionally south Indian ethnic architecture like Kerala’s ‘Naluketu Veedu’ and the Chettinad palaces features massive courtyards — Nadumuttom or Mutram, Chuttu verandah or Thinnai, with numerous carved and intricate pillars, attics and spacious surroundings in terms of the land area.” ‘Nadumuttom’ or ‘Mutram’ is a special feature that provides natural ventilation as well as adequate lighting. “‘Chuttu Verandah’ or ‘Thinnai’ is a continuation of the open space concept with the verandah going around on all four sides. Whatever the size of the verandah — it’s an important part of the house.”

Fresh air that comes in through window openings pushes the hot air trapped inside the home upwards to the outer atmosphere, through the central courtyard. “This arrangement greatly minimises the hot island creation locally. The central courtyard also encourages connectivity between the inhabitants and is utilised as a play area for the children under the supervision of adults,” says the spokesperson.

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