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Darren Coulson, Principal, Sharjah English School talks about providing top-notch facilities for their students

Darren Coulson, Principal, Sharjah English School
Darren Coulson, Principal, Sharjah English School

Published: Thu 9 Dec 2021, 10:33 AM

Can you elaborate on your faculty, method of teaching, teacher’s experience, unique features of your school and any special faculties?

Sharjah English School (SES) is one of the most established schools in Sharjah, having been in operation since 1974. We are an English curriculum, co-educational, not for profit school, offering education to children aged between 3-18. Our staff is composed of almost entirely UK trained professionals and all have many years of experience in the UK and/or international schools. Our site is one of the biggest in the UAE with extensive grounds for sport, including superb cricket facilities as well as a large auditorium.

What does your school offer to upskill students?

We have very high aspirations for all our students. Our GCSE and A Level results are in line with the very best schools in the UAE. Our students enter many of the top universities in the UK, USA and worldwide, with the vast majority attaining their first choice. An extensive extra-curricular programme is offered, leading to active and well-rounded students who are very well prepared for the rigours of modern life beyond school.

Overall, how would you describe your student culture to prospective parents?

Students at SES are extremely polite and well mannered. We have high expectations of behaviour at all ages, and the students respond positively to increased responsibility as they move through the school. They are driven for success and have a genuine and intrinsic desire to learn. Parents play an active and important part in supporting this culture, either through our parent support group, or from home.

Any new introductions or plans for the New Year?

We are becoming an Apple-enabled school. New devices for all staff and screens in all classrooms will transform the quality of learning for all students.

Promoting Positivity

With a forward-thinking and progressive teaching environment, SES is building the character of its students through its all-inclusive teaching philosophy

Sharjah English School (SES) is a long established and high performing English curriculum school with 850 students, between the ages of 3-18. SES has been inspected and accredited by the British Schools Overseas (BSO) and British Schools of the Middle East (BSME). The current rating of the school is outstanding.

The school is entering an exciting phase with the appointment of new Principal, Darren Coulson, who is looking to build upon the considerable strengths of the school and enhance its reputation as a dynamic, forward thinking school that produces students of exceptional quality.

In the early years, the children enjoy a play-based environment that is rooted in a cutting-edge, curiosity philosophy. Academic outcomes and pastoral welfare are carefully tracked throughout the child’s journey, with students graduating into top universities from all over the world.

The school promotes an open and inclusive community where everybody knows everybody else. Family values are at the core of the school, with a very strong partnership between school and home ensuring a highly aspirational and positive school culture.

Places are limited but visits are welcome any time. Specific 6th form tours are also available.

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