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Published: Fri 16 Dec 2022, 12:26 PM

There is little dispute that we live in interesting times, whether we interpret this in terms of climate change, geopolitical events, crisis response (the Covid-19 pandemic and its aftermath), economic turbulence, technological change or the fast-shifting work and life expectations of the workforce. The perfect storm that is the impact of these diverse factors on our own organisational roles and responsibilities makes it clear that what is required is a fundamental rethink of our understanding of leadership in the public, private and third sectors.

Most of us do not seriously think about leadership until we are confronted by its impact (as those who are led) or challenges when we take onboard new formal responsibilities. This is short-sighted. The nature of contemporary leadership is that it is no longer the exclusive preserve of the C-suite, but is distributed throughout organisations on the basis of devolved responsibilities and project team membership. If we do not currently see ourselves as leaders, we need to be preparing for and seeking such roles because they will not only come through formal promotion. Opportunities to lead may confront any of us at any time and we need to be prepared to grasp them with confidence. Leadership today, demands human and technical skills that are in tune with the uncertainties that are inherent in modern organisational life and align with the changing life and work expectations of the workforce, especially millennials and Gen Z.

Going back to school does not automatically transform a highly-skilled engineer, lawyer, doctor or banker into a leader. Learning to lead is about understanding ourselves and understanding those we work with, what makes each of us ‘tick’, but also where our limitations lie. Leaders are able to interpret such understanding and harness it both internally and externally in order to embrace both expected and unexpected challenges.

Embarking on the Strathclyde MBA that celebrates reflection and creative responses to challenges across the spectrum of contemporary organisational life, can provide the initial building block towards a better understanding of what makes each of us a better leader, but it is just the start of a process that will continue for many years after graduation.

Earning an MBA to layer your leadership and analytical skills on top of your existing functional area of expertise can set you apart in the job market. The problem-solving, strategy, and leadership skills you will also develop in an EMBA set you up for accelerated career advancement.

In addition, the UAE’s world-leading National Wellbeing Strategy 2031 provides the impetus for a radical re-conceptualisation of leadership in contemporary organisations, championing the values of caring, engagement and tolerance that are at the heart of an approach to leadership that recognises the aspirations, but also the uncertainties of today’s workforce.

Abigail Davenport

Campus Manager

Strathclyde Business School UAE

How does the MBA prepare you for leadership?

If you are a mid-career professional considering your next step in your growth journey as a leader, thinking about a career change or a whole new enterprise, an Executive MBA can provide you with a robust network of highly motivated peers, industry experts and academics specialising in leadership, and strategic thinking. The Strathclyde Executive MBA equips you with the skills needed to operate across different facets in an organisation. The invaluable knowledge learned such as critical thinking, and adaptive leadership can transform your practise and impact immediately within your current role and workplace.

Noura Abou Saleh


Strathclyde Executive MBA

The MBA programme at Strathclyde Business School was a pivotal learning journey that has positively changed my mindset and strategic thinking capabilities. I gained countless practical skills along the way that are applicable in my career, connected with my peers and expanded my professional network across various sectors. While some may think that leaders are strictly born, I do believe that good leadership is enhanced through pro-active efforts, cumulative learning through both experience and education, making for an apt and effective leader. The MBA at SBS has undoubtedly helped me raise my standards, giving me the tools to become an effective leader in my industry.

Professor Tom Baum, PhD DLitt

Professor of Tourism Employment

University of Strathclyde

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