Creating An Alchemy Of Scents

The incense brand is not just well-known for its soulful agarbattis but also for fragrant perfumes

Published: Wed 5 Oct 2022, 10:45 AM

PARIMAL Group of Companies, renowned for its brand — PARIMAL, has been in the business of manufacturing quality incense sticks for the last 70 years with export to over 50+ countries across the globe.

The brand focuses on providing the best in terms of quality fragrances, burning time and amount of incense paste on the stick. “Our incenses are both hand-rolled and handcrafted. To ensure best quality, we practice international standards in terms of ensuring quality of the products,” said the company spokesperson.

PARIMAL produces more than 1,000+ SKUs, marketed in India and abroad exclusively.

In the UAE, the brand has been present in the market for the last 20 years. Its flagship brand — YATRA — is well-appreciated by all consumers across the Middle East. Along with this, another high-end incense brand is ‘Sacred Scents’, which is in the premium segment offering four different fragrances — Rose, Sandalwood, Oudh Amber and Black Oudh. These are also also available in dhoop sticks.

Adding to this, the brand also offers a mid-range variety namely ‘Varna’ incense sticks that also comes in four different fragrances — Rose, Sandalwood, Jasmine and Lavendar with a complimentary beautiful perfume bottle on every packet.

PARIMAL made a beginning with YATRA in the Middle East and is now adding new products Pure Rose and Pure Sandal in the premium segment of agarbattis and dhoop sticks.


Jiyo Fragrances by PARIMAL is a premium perfume manufacturer and exporter, based in Bengaluru, India. With an experience of over five decades, its state-of-the-art facility and R&D Lab is involved in the making of attar roll-ons, bakhoor, EDPs and other fragrant products. It is the contract manufacturer for notable brands of the Middle East.

Now delving into the art of luxury niche perfumery, it has unveiled a new brand ‘Elixir’ Niche Perfumery. An artistic niche perfume atelier that sustainably procures rare raw material treasures from across the globe, Jiyo Fragrances uses alchemies of scents to craft captivating stories. Every element that goes into an Elixir product has a part to play in this story. From the bag to the first whiff is an explorative journey of affluence.

Jiyo Fragrances is participating in the Beauty World Middle East from October 31 to November 2, 2022.

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