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Rassal Ahmad, Founder and CEO, RAG Global Business Hub
Rassal Ahmad, Founder and CEO, RAG Global Business Hub

The company is positioned as a market entry specialist that provides 360-degree services for clients as well as new startups

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Published: Fri 2 Sep 2022, 9:00 AM

Although most people dream of having their own company, they shy away from starting up owing to the perceived difficulty involved in setting up businesses. RAG, headquartered in the UAE, is a market entry specialist that assists entrepreneurs to seamlessly build, set up, and scale their dream businesses in the UAE. RAG’s vision is to build ‘UAE as a Nation of Entrepreneurs’. “We need more entrepreneurs who can build their businesses to create more jobs for a better tomorrow. We need more job creators than job seekers,” said Rassal Ahmad, Founder & CEO of RAG Global Business Hub.

RAG’s journey started out with Rassal Ahmad’s dream to provide entrepreneurs the most affordable and comfortable way of starting businesses. Since its inception in Qatar in 2013 and the expansion to the UAE in the year 2015, RAG has experienced all the ups and downs a typical startup would go through. This experience has strengthened its resolve to serve other entrepreneurs better. “RAG’s real strength lies in its thousands of loyal clients – the entrepreneurs of varied backgrounds and culture, the highly driven men and women who are also the backbone of UAE’s economy,” said Rassal Ahmad.

Unique offerings

When an entrepreneur executes their dream of building a successful company, they look for support for tasks such as setting up their business, affordable office space, business operations and so on. This gives rise to the convergence of priorities, and they need assistance of experts who can take care of licensing procedures and approvals sorted without hassle and help them find an office space in the desired location. Entrepreneurs would also need to market test their innovative ideas before taking the leap. “This is where RAG Global Business Hub’s 360-degree services for the entrepreneurs comes into picture. From feasibility study to test ideas, to getting business license; from having a comfortable office space in a business center to other business continuity services; from Visa services to travel solutions, RAG Global Business Hub provides services an entrepreneur would need to run their business smoothly — all under one umbrella” affirmed RAG’s Chief Business Officer, Mohammed Rafi.

Standing out from the rest

As a market entry specialist, RAG hand-holds entrepreneurs in their entrepreneurial journey. The company’s business ecosystem also provides entrepreneurs the benefit of the global network. The network includes Europe based companies like Stratagem Partners, TruthSayers, Beat Consult, Centigo and Thinking the Unthinkable. “This is a rare combination of expertise. On one hand, RAG has local ecosystem setup for entrepreneurs and on the other, has the international think tank to bring global expertise for businesses and entrepreneurs” said RAG’s COO Mohammad Nibras, who is also a Global Shaper of the World Economic Forum.

Milestones and achievements

Over the years, the company has garnered praise for its services and has achieved important milestones – from the expansion into the UAE in 2015, to the launch of the business ecosystem inaugurated by Dr. Shashi Tharoor, in the presence of personalities like Lee Cockerell— former Executive Vice-President of operations for the Walt Disney World Resort, USA; Nik Gowing — Founder of Thinking the Unthinkable and former news presenter at BBC World News, UK. The launch of RAG Holidays in UAE — is the new feather in RAG’s cap – an addition to RAG’s service portfolio for entrepreneurs to get their travel/visa needs accomplished. RAG Holidays in Qatar is also in the process of becoming one of the official partners in providing travel solutions for football fans of some of the participating countries in the FIFA World Cup 2022. RAG is also expanding its services to Canada, Saudi Arabia and the UK this year.

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