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Fit Fresh LLC offers healthy meals for every type of palate of the health-conscious foodie


Nisthula Nagarajan

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Published: Thu 15 Jul 2021, 9:24 AM

Last updated: Tue 7 Feb 2023, 3:52 PM

The recent battle against Covid-19 has seen a surge in demand for fresh produce and healthy options to help build our immune system. People are on edge, paranoid even, to re-examine their lifestyles, especially healthy eating habits and holistic self-care. From the ephemeral weight-loss goals pre-pandemic, people’s attention significantly shifted to embracing wellness as we have finally understood the importance of food to equip our bodies to combat illnesses. In the UAE, local suppliers of fresh fruits and vegetables play a crucial role in sourcing the freshest and best produce locally and internationally amid the pandemic’s challenges and difficulties. Fit Fresh LLC, being one of the leading suppliers of fresh produce in the region, willingly step up to this challenge. Dennis Selva, CEO, Fit Fresh takes us through the ‘wellness, fashion-forward diet’.

Journey to health and wellness

At its inception, way back in 2004, Fit Fresh aims to explore the rapid growth in demand for premium quality, sanitised fruits and vegetables and their derivates like cut salads, fresh fruit salads, fresh juices, blended smoothies, among others. Seventeen years have passed, we are now a brand to reckon with and a market leader preferred by airline companies, the hospitality, and retail sectors across the UAE. Nearing our second decade in the industry, we are constantly evolving and launching a wide array of more interesting, nutritious, and consumer-friendly products. With the flagship state-of-the-art facility in Dubai, we pride ourselves to be the only facility in this industry to be certified with a combination of FSSC 22000, ISO 22000, and BRC accreditations.

Vital role in UAE’s health and wellness sector

Fit Fresh’s goal is pretty straightforward — to bring nature’s best to our customers. Thus, we are committed to bringing quality and healthy products to the market, and constantly evolving to serve people with wholesome food. We aim for consumers to choose real food, or food found in nature like fruits and vegetables, instead of heavily processed options laced with chemicals and additives that are harmful to our bodies.

Eat more, Lose more

Quashing the belief of restricting food to lose weight, you can eat more but still lose weight. The secret is actually not a secret — it’s not how much we eat but what we eat. But as we say, our goal should focus on health instead of weight. If the end goal is weight loss, we tend to find quick-fix solutions. Instead, focus on a lifestyle change that is more likely to last and start by checking the food you put on your table. Put the ‘rainbow’ on your plate and eat it, too. Incorporate more colourful fruits and vegetables in your meals to help you live a longer and healthier life. Do you know that the more greens you consume, the more you lose weight, the healthier you get? Instead of grabbing those soda or sugary drinks linked to different diseases, opt for our sugar-free ultra-fresh juices or blended smoothies. We have more than 100 varieties of juices and smoothies produced in different sizes ranging from 200 ml to five-litre packaging.

Quick meals for time-strapped foodies

But with the busy schedule and the high mechanical lifestyle that people are into, we fall into the trap of eating just whatever is available out there. Everyone craves easy-yet-healthy meals. But how? Plastered all over the media is the intensive marketing of high-calorie, nutrient-poor food in restaurants, which according to one of the studies conducted abroad, contributed to the steep rise in obesity. Fit Fresh has got you covered. We have a premium range of healthy salads for a wholesome and healthier choice. Since fruit is absolutely essential in our daily diet, our sanitised and cut fruit boxes serve our consumers a healthy snack/dessert fix! We also customise ‘Wellness Hampers’, our specially curated packages which contain an assortment of healthy salad, fresh juices, healthy shots, cut fruits and desserts — a full-fledged meal kit for busy foodies like you.

Sweet tooth

Ultra-processed food is highly addictive, and they are made with a certain amount of sugar, salt, and fat. We understand you; we crave sweets from time to time. But fret not, our sweet treats made from fresh fruits and premium ingredients are excellent alternatives to highly sugary and processed food. How do mango muesli, granola and yoghurt, coconut mousse sound? How about those bite-sized sweet treats like dates and coconut treats with cocoa, date and chia treat with peanut butter? Tempting? No doubt you‘ll ask for more.

Vegan options

With constant product innovations, Fit Fresh brings to you a range of unique vegan dips, which are excellent accompaniments to vegetable crudites, wraps, rolls, crackers and sandwiches, and a wide range of appetisers. Made from carefully chosen healthy ingredients, our dips add a fresh flavour to your plate and palate.

With the significant rise in health awareness all over the world, Fit Fresh sees the fresh segment growing even more in times to come.

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