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An e-commerce platform that curates some of the world's best products in beauty, skincare and wellness, Aesthetic Today creates a shopping hub for all those who want to look good and feel great

By Anthon Garcia

Published: Sun 18 Apr 2021, 1:03 PM

Last updated: Sun 18 Apr 2021, 3:15 PM

Aesthetic Today has curated thousands of some of the world's top brands in the skincare, beauty, health, and wellness sectors. "These are products we genuinely believe in and choose to buy for ourselves," said Dr Jumana El Khoury Maalouf, CEO of the e-commerce beauty and wellness platform that is currently creating a buzz in the health and beauty scene in the UAE, and soon, the world.

The upstart e-commerce beauty hub believes now is the right time for the business to thrive. "The situation is especially difficult and challenging for everyone, but for a business like ours, it is the time to grow and be aggressive," continued Dr Maalouf. "Our goal is to be able to address everyone's beauty and wellness concerns while they are in the comfort and safety of their homes, with the simple click of a button."

Targeting not just women, but also men and children, Aesthetic Today has a broad vision of being everything to everyone, a bold dream that captures the energy and passion of its CEO, who describes herself as being ambitious, decisive and driven, but compassionate leader. "I've toughened myself up, through many years of managing huge companies and brands in the UAE and the Middle East," added Dr Maalouf, who, despite her many business and professional achievements, considers being a mother her biggest milestone.

"Nothing compares to the work a mother does, the challenges she has to face and the sacrifices she has to make. Being a mother is a noble profession, if you can call that, and the responsibility of bringing forth life into the world and raising a child is as huge and as important as any," she passionately said.

A proud mum to a 10-year-old daughter, Dr Maalouf considers Aesthetic Today her second baby and is, therefore, determined to nurture it and make it grow. "We do not want to be just another beauty website. We want our customers to have a safe and pleasurable shopping experience when they visit our platform," explained Dr Maalouf.

With the beauty and wellness industry being such a competitive marketplace, Aesthetic Today aims to set itself apart by having an extensive array of the world's best buys, offering them at competitive prices, rewarding customers for their loyalty and providing safe and secure shopping experience. But beyond these, according to Dr Maalouf, the real advantage of Aesthetic Today is the feeling of being in a community with the same passion for beauty and wellness. "It's not just being able to provide what our customers want but engaging them in a way that involves being a part of the beauty and wellness journey," she added.

Soon, Aesthetic Today will unveil services and treatment section, where customers will have access to some of the world's leading beauty experts for advice and consultation for DIY treatments at home, a distinctive service that shows how determined and genuinely committed Aesthetic Today is in being able to fulfil the beauty and wellness needs of its shoppers.

Speaking as an entrepreneur, Dr Maalouf believes business owners are heroes because they are risk-takers and are trying to fulfil a need in the market. As they say, all successful businesses are those that solve a problem or address a gap - so, in a way entrepreneurs are doing a service to society, even though it is being made in consideration of a profit.

Opportunities for success are everywhere, and those that managed to leverage these opportunities and innovate are those that will do well. "Failures are part of the journey, but entrepreneurs must not see them as stumbling blocks," said Dr Maalouf. "They are in fact steps in the ladder of success. Failures are not the opposite of success; they are necessary experiences before accomplishments and achievements are made."

A tip that Dr Maalouf wants to share with entrepreneurs is to surround themselves with people who share their passion for and commitment to the company. "This is important, to have a team who is willing to work with you to make the company succeed no matter what. The success or downfall of a company will be decided by the quality and commitment of its people - from the leadership to the staff. There will always be new trends and challenges, especially in a very competitive market like Dubai, but it's the ability of the team to adapt, innovate and make the required changes that will pull the company through," she continued.

Dr Maalouf says there is no one single model for success, but based on her experience, it is having the right team for the business that makes the difference. "I believe I have a great team on board at the moment who is willing to be with me on this new adventure with Aesthetic Today," she ended.


Imagine being able to access and buy some of the world's top beauty brands from the comfort of your own home, including Obagi, Mesoestetic, Isdin, Floxia, Niance, and many others.

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