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Dr. K.P. Hussain, Chairman and CEO at Fathima Healthcare Group
Dr. K.P. Hussain, Chairman and CEO at Fathima Healthcare Group

Dr. K.P. Hussain Chairman and CEO at Fathima Healthcare Group (FMC) feels proud of the achievements of the group in the service to humanity and is optimistic of the future

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Published: Thu 26 Jan 2023, 9:00 AM

Health is defined not merely as the absence of disease or infirmity. It is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being. I believe health is a fundamental human right for all and see the pursuit of high-level health as the most important worldwide societal goal. We require the combination of many socio-economic factors to achieve our aims. I and the Fathima healthcare group have always upheld the concept of ‘Health for all’ over the past 25 years, with each step taken being towards achieving this and working to benefit our society.

Staying Relevant

In the last 32 years, I was privileged to witness the UAE’s development firsthand, not only in healthcare, but in many sectors. Geographically speaking, the development and number of healthcare facilities in the UAE has been extraordinary. Presently, I have been witness to our healthcare services as they perform various high-level, complicated life-saving surgeries in the UAE, both in Government facilities and private healthcare institutions. The UAE, with its high-level service and hospitality, is now recognised as a leading country when it comes to medical tourism.

FMC is committed to aligning with the Government’s goal of developing medical tourism. Over the last five years, we have established a department with highly-qualified medical officers, specialised in bringing patients from other countries to the UAE. FMC ensure that any services provided are done with the upmost care and comfort. Furthermore, FMC is planning to globally showcase through the media and other communication channels, the level of facilities available in the UAE to promote medical tourism further.

Lessons learned serving humanity

I greatly admire the UAE’s humanitarian contribution, not only within the UAE, but also internationally. We, as a nation, and I personally, have learned a lot from the Leaders of this great nation. FMC has been serving people via our social welfare initiatives in the UAE and India. With an average of Rs 1-2 crore annually, we are honoured to support numerous people who require assistance, be it housing, medical care, education or institutions that serve the less fortunate and people of determination. FMC has now been doing this for over a decade. It remains one of my proudest achievements.

A Class Apart

When we celebrate our 25th anniversary, it is an occasion to appreciate our contribution to the society, who benefitted from our work and research that has resulted in providing medical insurance to millions in the UAE and has afforded us all with a high level of health security. Our core focus has been towards health services, providing all levels of society with comprehensive and affordable care. As we approach the completion of this goal with the majority of the UAE now insured, we feel what we have achieved for this great nation has been appreciated and accepted which is an honour for us and something to be celebrated. FMC is one of the pioneering companies in making the compulsory insurance scheme supported by a very small premium, possible.

Cost-Effective Measures

The key challenge was in the year 2000 as we aimed to provide everyone with health security in the UAE. Government support to the people and the level of people participation was studied extensively as we worked to see how economically we could afford to provide health services to the whole society. As a result, we carried out extraordinary research analysis and worked hard for five to seven years until we had acquired a reasonable amount of data. Upon studying the data for a long period, we concluded that insurance schemes could provide a solution. At that point, our focus was on blue collar workers and how this scheme would affect them. The implementation of this scheme was a success and was achieved with support from medical service providers and in association with our partner insurance companies. Today, the blue-collar scheme is accepted as a success which has greatly benefitted every working class segment of the society.

Message to the Indian diaspora on Republic Day

Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Government have successfully reached out to the world by bringing G20 to India. The world has now started accepting our leaders and people. On this occasion, I would extend my best wishes to all our families back in India and fellow family members outside India. We all wish to use our positions to drive and uphold our values by showcasing our culture, unity and integrity. India is now on the biggest stage and we are sharing who we are with the world.

At this time, we should remember our freedom fighters who allowed us to realise our dreams. A big salute to our freedom fighters as well as our Army jawans who protect us and encapsulate the spirit of Republic Day. I wish my fellow Indians all the best on this auspicious day.

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