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Specwall has contributed significantly in the making of the CIEL Tower, the latest addition to Dubai’s skyline, is an architectural marvel that has challenged engineering limits at several levels

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Published: Fri 31 Mar 2023, 11:24 AM

Last updated: Fri 31 Mar 2023, 2:25 PM

Specwall is an advanced interior and exterior wall system with inherent insulation, acoustic and fire ratings in the form of a lightweight solid A1- and A2-rated panels which exceed current fire safety regulations and are ready to decorate. In the making of the Ciel Tower, the world’s tallest hotel, standing at 78 storeys and 365m which is located in Dubai Marina, projected to reset the global luxury hotel market, Specwall was chosen to replace drywall and blockwork in the development following the main client and contractor being impressed with the system after visits to existing sites. Specwall got involved with the CIEL Tower project in 2021. Their panels were specified for 72 floors of the development, as well as the ground floor and the basement.

The ground floor to the ninth floor is reserved for parking and presented some challenges due to the varying size of the wall panels needed thanks to different heights and curved sections. Specwall was perfect for this as it can easily be cut to any size and shape – a quality which also helped in the basement where wall heights were between 5m and 7m.

From the ninth to the 16th floor, CIEL Tower is made up of amenities, including a bar and infinity pool, and maintenance space. Specwall panels are inherently resistant to all types of damage, including from water, making them an ideal choice for these spaces.

Finally, the rest of the floors also benefitted from Specwall’s versatility due to the egg shape of the building. The ease of cutting Specwall at any angle made it a simple, effective solution to meet the specification of the building.

CIEL Tower is an important project for Specwall and the manufacturer, TSSC. As a 78-storey, 365m tower that is the tallest hotel-only building in the world, this is a prestigious project which ads another feather in their cap.

Working on Ciel Tower was an exciting technical challenge, which Specwall was perfectly suited to. Its lightweight panel system were designed, produced, supplied and installed to measure and fulfilled the complex design brief.

Specwall offers CIEL Tower inherent insulation and fire safety values, as well as coming with high acoustic performance which was supplemented by acoustic panels on the internal walls.

The company appreciates and thanks The First Group, NORR and China Railway for the support and confidence entrusted by them in Specwall as a solution to expedite the construction process.

The trend towards greener, more sustainable construction is becoming more urgent, especially in the UAE where both the government and private enterprise has recognised the key role the built environment plays in resource usage and the transition to Net Zero Carbon.

As technology advances, many developers are looking to reduce their environmental footprint as far as possible and create sustainable buildings. Products like Specwall are vital for this.

Specwall panels, manufactured in the Middle East by TSSC, have an extremely high fire safety rating, send only two per cent of material to landfill, reduce the amount of emissions produced during construction and can be 100 per cent recycled. Furthermore, they can be demounted, moved and re-used on site if the floor layout changes, and during construction all off-cuts can be reused in situ.

Using Specwall is an easy way of increasing your building’s environmental rating, reducing its embodied emissions, cutting waste and ensuring that your project is future proof for both occupiers and future buyers. Its system enables you to improve your structure a

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