Watch: Roger Federer keeps 'pinky promise', surprises fan after 5 years

Ahmed flew to Switzerland for what he thought was a training programme with his coach

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By Web Desk

Published: Fri 12 Aug 2022, 12:14 PM

Last updated: Fri 12 Aug 2022, 2:24 PM

When speaking to one's role model, rarely do we think that we would get the opportunity to do so again.

However, Grand Slam winner Roger Federer kept his promise with a young fan who asked him if he could continue playing as a pro, in order to play against him one day.

Izyan Ahmad, also known as Zizou, challenged Roger Federer to a match at a US Open press conference.

Five years later, Ahmed flew to Switzerland for what he thought was a training programme with his coach.

When sitting down at the restaurant for a meal, the waiter welcomes him by his name. The young boy is astounded and whispers: "Coach, he knew my name!"

Federer is seen observing the whole event through cameras, chuckling at the encounter.

The waiter then proceeds to inform Ahmad and his coach that the manager of the restaurant is a huge fan and wishes to take a picture with the player.

"This is the best day of my life", Ahmed says sporting a wide grin.

The elaborate ruse continues as Ahmed begins to take a picture with the manager, but she opens her jacket to reveal a t-shirt with his face on it.

Almost immediately after, a small crowd of young boys and girls are seen holding posters at a nearby court, cheering him on. Visibly surprised to see the fanfare, Ahmed is left speechless.

The waiter then guides him to the tennis court, saying that the young people are watching him finally play against a 'worthy opponent'.

In a dramatic reveal, the boy turns around to see Federer walking onto the court.

"We made a promise, right."

Federer says to a delighted Zizou, just before they play a match.

Roger Federer is a 20-time Grand Slam winner, and has won eight Wimbledon titles — a men’s singles record.


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