Meet a veteran recreational golfer who loves marshalling in Dubai

Norway’s Tor Haugerud has lent his services to golf at Emirates Golf Club and Jumeirah Golf Estates for over ten years and says he will keep coming back

By Leslie Wilson Jr.

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Tor Haugerud on duty atr the HERO Dubai Desert Classic. - Photo by LW
Tor Haugerud on duty atr the HERO Dubai Desert Classic. - Photo by LW

Published: Sun 21 Jan 2024, 12:30 AM

Last updated: Sun 21 Jan 2024, 10:11 PM

Meet Tor Haugerud one of the most passionate and well-traveled marshals on duty at the HERO Dubai Desert Classic.

Tor loves what he does and gets big kick out marshaling in Dubai, something he has done for over ten years.

“There is something very special about golf tournaments in Dubai,” says the retired hydropower engineer from Norway. “It’s very easy to get enrolled and not complicated.

“You know, as a golf course marshal you are required to assist players and spectators during a tournament. Our job is to ensure that everyone follows course regulations.

Tor Haugerud watching play at the emirates |golf Club. - Photo by LW
Tor Haugerud watching play at the emirates |golf Club. - Photo by LW

“But it’s easier said than done in Dubai. I have marshaled at both the Emirates Golf Club during the HERO Dubai Desert Classic and the Jumeirah Golf Estates for the DP World Tour Championship,” says Tor, who is from Oslo.

“The best part of the Emirates Golf Club is that it’s in the city. It’s easy for both players and fans to access. The tournament is very well organized and the course if beautiful.

“The players love it and so do the marshals."

“I love coming back every year and will keep doing so as long as I can,” adds Tor to point out that he is only 69 years old and hopes to enjoy more years as a marshal.

Tor has also marshaled at other tournaments around the world but picks out two Ryder Cups that he has part of in recent years as being very special.

“I was at the Ryder Cup in Paris in 2018 and at Rome last year. Europe won both of them so it was even more enjoyable for me,” said Tor who is an active golfer and plays of a 15 handicap.

“I could do better but at my age, I'm happy with that. I play a try 15.”

Tor says that marshaling is unique is so many ways.

“First of all marshals are volunteers, it is not a paid job. You do it because you love the game,” he said. “You have to have a basic knowledge of the rules and most importantly manage crowd control by ensuring that spectators remain quiet during play.

“Golf is a precision sport and the players focus on every shot. Things can go wrong if they are disturbed by movement, noise or a mobile phone ringing.


“That’s where people like me come in. That’s why we tournament require us,” adds Tor. “There are a lot of marshals out here following all the players.

“The great thing about my role is that I get to way inside the ropes. I can feel their energy, the emotions. But more than anything I have learnt a lot from them. Even at my age Im still looking to pick up new tricks.”

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