Film on India-Pakistan rivalry in World Cup

Film on India-Pakistan rivalry in World Cup
Ajay Sethi, chairman of Channel 2 Group. (Supplied photo)

Dubai - The film like this will create huge excitement amongst the billion Indian cricket fans, said Boria Majumdar

Published: Sat 27 Apr 2019, 11:04 PM

Last updated: Sun 28 Apr 2019, 1:11 AM

Dubai-based Channel 2 Group and Sports Flashes, India's leading sports content company which also runs India's first sports radio, will soon release it's "First film on India vs Pakistan rivalry at cricket World Cups". The documentary will gives insights on six-world cup matches played between India and Pakistan. The company has recently became world's biggest sports radio, a press release said.
Channel 2 Group Corporation is the exclusive ICC Global Audio rights holder for the World Cup and has partnered with Sports Flashes for the Creating, Marketing and distribution of Audio Content of the 2019 ICC World Cup.
Ajay Sethi, chairman of Channel 2 Group, said: "The film will encapsulate action, drama, the pressure before matches as its key ingredients. The stories of sledging and on-field confrontation will characterise the battles of India-Pakistan. The documentary will speak of aggression and how the teams respond to opposition."
For every cricket enthusiast the film will unfold many legitimate facts. Another aim of the film is to revive zeal and enthusiasm amid cricket lovers who relentlessly followed matches between both the nations.
The chief cricket content lead for the documentary, Boria Majumdar, will provide some unprecedented insights into the documentary. The documentary is being produced under the collaboration of Sports Flashes and Channel 2 group wherein Sandeep Singh will be the co-producer.
"The film like this will create huge excitement amongst the billion Indian cricket fans as we are a cricket loving nation where cricketers are considered gods. We look forward to creating a lifetime experience for everyone," Boria Majumdar said.
"India-Pakistan matches have grabbed eye-balls since ages, and matches between the two countries are connected with emotional quotients of fans. This inspired us to create a special documentary for India-Pakistan for fans; we intend to unwind interesting facts and sportsmanship spirit between cricketers of both the countries. We want to create the documentary in a positive light", said Raman Raheja, MD and CEO, SportsFlashes.

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