Exclusive: Trott seeks full-time coaching role after T20 World Cup

Jonathan Trott played 52 Tests, 68 ODIs and seven T20Is. — ICC Twitter
Jonathan Trott played 52 Tests, 68 ODIs and seven T20Is. — ICC Twitter

Dubai - Former England opener has been hired as batting consultant by Scotland for the T20 World Cup in the UAE and Oman


James Jose

Published: Mon 11 Oct 2021, 11:37 PM

Former England opener Jonathan Trott has said that he is trying to imbibe as much as he can from other coaches and hopes to put it into practice when he takes on a full-fledged role in the future.

The 40-year-old, who played 52 Tests, 68 ODIs and seven T20Is, has dabbled in coaching since a very young age and Scotland are digging deep into the rich and vast experience for the T20 World Cup, which begins in a week’s time.

The three-time Ashes winner has been hired as batting consultant for the global event that will be staged in UAE and Oman.

“I’ve my goals that I wanted to do, I think everybody has their goals and passions and desires, what they want to achieve. And, at the moment, my goal is just to keep on collecting as much info and learning as a coach, I think that’s crucial. And hopefully, be ready for when a big opportunity comes along, one day,” Trott told Khaleej Times.

“I think the more experience I can get at the moment, working with people in different environments, just the different players and cultures is key, and constantly learning, with regards to dealing with players, but also getting the most out of them as individuals and as a collective aside, getting them all going in the right direction. And all going for one common goal, which is certainly a very powerful thing to have in a T20 competition like this or in any other format. So, for me, the art of doing that I’ve always enjoyed — I wouldn’t say studying coaching but trying to learn as much as I can, or watching the good coaches and studying the best coaches and their habits and traits and their techniques that they use — I always find that interesting and trying to learn as quickly as I possibly can so that I can apply it hopefully to my coaching career,” he added.

Trott, who scored a Test century on debut against the old enemy Australia at the Oval in 2009, has been the batting coach of the England Under-19s, England Lions and was also part of England’s coaching set-up last year.

And Trott is relishing his new role with Scotland.

“I really enjoyed it and have been made very welcoming into what is very talented side. We think we are going in the right direction with getting ready for the tournament. The players will get a better understanding of how they’re going to go about winning games for Scotland or setting up games. And that’s on both sides, with the bat and with the ball, but also in the field, adjusting to the climate and how hot it is going to be. So, making sure that they have a lot of experience with regards to how they’re going to go about, whether it’s in the field and then having to knock off the runs or how they’re going to be able to bat for 20 overs and then contribute in the field. So that’s important in a T20 game. The cricket we’ve played has been very good over the last few days, starting in Oman. We’ve been pretty consistent and you know hopefully we can continue on that trajectory,” hoped Trott.


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