Video: 'Millennial pink' tornado wreaks havoc in Malaysia

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Viewers suspect factory pollution is cause.

By Web Report

Published: Sun 6 Oct 2019, 6:27 PM

Last updated: Sun 6 Oct 2019, 8:43 PM

A motorist captured a short video of what looks like a blush pink- also known as millennial pink- tornado spinning in Johor, Malaysia.
The phone camera clip, lasting less than a minute, was uploaded to the Facebook page 'We Are Malaysians', where it has gathered more than 17,000 views.
Commenters were quick to speculate that the occurrence could be a by-product of pollution from a nearby factory. One user even claimed that they had observed a similar occurrence two weeks ago, Coconuts reports.
One woman pointed out that the motorist had run a red light trying to capture the footage.
It has been clarified that the phenomenon was not a tornado, but a dust devil- a brief updraft of hot air on sunny days that rarely reach the intensity of an actual tornado.

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