Kuwait responds to viral 'earthquake' damage photos

Kuwait responds to viral earthquake damage photos

Kuwait - One killed in Iran earthquake; tremors felt in Kuwait.

By Kuna

Published: Mon 8 Jul 2019, 1:13 PM

Last updated: Mon 8 Jul 2019, 4:53 PM

An earthquake in Iran on Monday was felt in Kuwait as well - when mild tremors shook the Gulf country, Kuna reported.
The tremors did not cause any reported damages, the Ministry of Interior said.

The National Seismic Network, a Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR) affiliate, confirmed that a 5.9-mangitude earthquake hit western Iran, causing tremors in Kuwait.

The epicenter of the earthquake in Iran was 10 kilometers in depth and it occurred 256 kilometers from Kuwait City, it added.

The network indicated that several aftershocks were also registered at 4.6 and 5.2 magnitude; however, the general populace did not feel them.

In reaction to the tremor, which lasted for several seconds, a number of ministries and the Kuwait Fire Services Directorate (KFSD) issued statements to confirm that no damages were reported because of the tremors.
Meanwhile, the KFSD released a statement refuting news and photos - circulating on social media - of damage around Kuwait, including a commercial building

The directorate said that photos showing damages to the building was safe and no damage was visible.

The statement further said that the alleged damage in the photo was in fact the reflection of the sun on the building's windows and not a crack due to the earthquake.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Electricity and Water issued a statement, assuring that the tremor did not cause any damage to installations.

Iran's news agency confirmed that an earthquake had hit a city in the southwestern province of Khouzestan, killing one and injuring four others.

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