Ramadan in UAE: Listen to your body if you feel unwell when fasting


Dubai - Look after yourself and be sensible while fasting. And listen to your body if you are feeling unwell, a doctor has advised.

By Nandini Sircar

Published: Sat 24 Apr 2021, 10:10 PM

Dr Rasha Alani, Specialist Family Medicine, Medcare Medical Centre Al Khawaneej, said: “Weight gain issue is one of the challenges that many face during this month. When cooking, make your favourite Ramadan recipes healthier by avoiding deep frying whenever possible. Instead, reduce the amount of fat in your meals by cooking your food with a little bit of vegetable oil, baking, roasting, steaming or grilling.

“Keep in mind that reducing fat in your cooking does not necessarily mean reducing its flavour. You can enhance the seasoning of your dishes by using fresh vegetables, fresh herbs and spices, which add taste without adding calories. We must focus on healthy amounts and ingredients that will not affect our weight,” she said.

Physical activity during Ramadan becomes challenging because of the hot weather and low energy as the body goes without food and drink for long hours.

“However, we cannot ignore physical fitness during the month. Even though there will be limitations, we can still find time for workouts during Ramadan. It is significant for all those who have been working out regularly. For all those new to exercise, this is not the month to start any new exercise programme. Instead, you can include some walks, light jogs or stretching exercises,” she said.

Diabetic patients must keep monitoring their blood sugar levels during exercise and post-exercise to protect from a sudden drop in blood sugar. Before starting any exercise, consult your doctor, she said.

Mental health is another important aspect to discuss, especially for smokers. “As a healthcare provider, we focus on smoking cessation consultations and behavioural therapy that lead to a healthier lifestyle,” Dr Alani said.

The good thing about the holy month is that many families come together during iftar, which helps to keep away symptoms of depression and anxiety. For those suffering from these symptoms, with support of family members, we can notice regression in those complaints, Dr Alani said.

In view of the pandemic, we advise all to follow health regulations, limit gatherings and avoid crowded areas, while rigorously following self-hygiene and sanitization,

Be aware of the current situation, help each other to have a safe fasting season away from complications and health troubles, care about yourself and others, and keep your society healthy.


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