UAE Ramadan 2021: Full list of Covid safety rules

Dubai - All you need to know: New Covid rules announced across the UAE for Ramadan.

By Sahim Salim

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KT file photo/Shihab
KT file photo/Shihab

Published: Sun 28 Mar 2021, 2:52 AM

Muslims around the world will mark the second socially distanced holy month of Ramadan amid Covid-19 this year.

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With the holy month set to be begin in weeks, authorities across the UAE have issued Covid rules so that residents stay safe from the coronavirus. Unlike last year, mosques are open this year and will host the special Taraweeh prayers.

Last year, residents had spent Ramadan within the safety of their homes as mosques remained closed as a safety measure.

Here is a full list of Emirate-wise and federal Ramadan Covid rules.

General rules applicable across the UAE

>> Taraweeh prayers: The special prayers offered during the holy month will be hosted in mosques across the country. Women's prayer halls will remain closed.

>> Avoid gatherings, especially during Iftar.

>> Only members of the same family living in the same house can share meals.

>> Iftar tents are banned.

>> Iftar meals will not be allowed inside mosques.

>> Restaurants are prohibited from distributing Iftar meals inside or in front of their premises.


>> Large social gatherings should be avoided.

>> Ramadan tents as well as Iftar and donation tents are prohibited

>> Taraweeh prayers can be performed in mosques, provided safety measures are adhered to.


>> Iftar tents are banned.

>> Iftar banquets for groups; and distributing Iftar meals in front of restaurants, at gatherings, or in front of homes and mosques, cars or any other means are banned.

>> Advertising special offers for Iftar meals are not allowed.

>> Distribution of free charity meals is only allowed through the official charitable bodies accredited in the emirate.


>> All permits for Ramadan tents cancelled.

>> Iftar meals will be distributed to sites in a safe manner by charities registered in the Emirate.

>> Such meals distribution will happen after the Asr prayer and will need to conclude one hour before the Maghrib prayer.

Ras Al Khaimah

>> Distribution of Iftar meals inside or in front of restaurants has been banned.

>> Iftar tents outside mosques are banned as well.

>> Meals can't be distributed outside homes either.

>> Distribution is permitted in residential labour complexes, but the meals should be in boxes or bags that are tightly closed.

>> Gatherings are not allowed.

>> Residents have to maintain a two-metre distance.

Umm Al Quwain

>> Distributing Qurans and other gifts is prohibited.

>> Home visits and family gatherings are banned.

>> Meals must not be exchanged or distributed.

>> Iftar and/or commercial Ramadan tents are banned.

>> Authorised entities to distribute Iftar meals to labour accommodations.

>> Report beggars if you spot them.

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