Reading helps you connect with your inner self

By Lamiya Siraj

Published: Mon 1 Apr 2019, 8:25 PM

Last updated: Mon 1 Apr 2019, 10:26 PM

The activity of reading gives immense pleasure and a sense of completeness, taking our imagination to the next level. Just the thought of finding out how many different kind of books are available in this world, in how many different languages, on various topics and subjects fascinate me.
Recently, a group of ladies gathered for one such activity for reading and understanding an 'auspicious book'. There I met a friend carrying a small bag stuffed with heavy books. By heavy, I mean books of more than 500 pages. "What is this?" I asked. "Small bag, big books", she replied with a smile.
Yes, I thought to myself thinking. Aren't our brains like this? The size of our brain is small compared to our body. But think of the knowledge it contains.
Reading books can bring about a positive change in us. There are umpteen libraries, but parents and teachers put in an extra effort to make the young ones read, to instill the habit of reading in them. But sadly, the present generation seems to be moving away from books. They are more impressed by technology and in surfing the Net. Reading is almost forgotten.
The pleasure of holding a book, the smell of pages while reading, getting totally engrossed and travelling miles while being seated at home, well words cannot explain that feeling. Newspapers and magazines have now become e-versions. Books are stored in devices, though I agree in a way it's good for the environment as papers are saved.
But I am sure there are still book lovers out there, who prefer to read and save those books filling their cupboards with varieties of books, and adding to their collections. I have also witnessed people who just love to collect books but hardly open and read them.
Surely, reading has many benefits. It strengthens memory, reduces stress, improves empathy, expands vocabulary, and makes you wiser, smarter and probably more useful. Books introduce you to libraries, to silence, to magic. It changes your subconscious mind. It brings positivity, productivity and the ability to become better at everything. It can take you to places, through imagination or either for education, conferences or for work. You, can never be alone if you inculcate the habit of reading, because a book can be your companion. In fact, reading helps you connect with your inner self.
The writer is based in Abu Dhabi

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