People of determination are true heroes of the community

By Ahmed Omar Balhamer

Published: Sat 30 Mar 2019, 8:31 PM

Last updated: Sat 30 Mar 2019, 10:34 PM

They are people with great patience, strength, will and determination to move mountains. I have seen what they can achieve and it lifts my spirits. Every breath, look, and step they take make it clear that they are special. I am aware they are not born with the strengths most of us have, yet their struggle to rise from the pits of despair inspires me.
Recently, I was with some of them and my admiration for them travelled miles when I saw them perform and excel in their respective fields. For a short while, I imagined living their lives and the very thought wore me out. I was curious and began to admire their grit and ability to fight and beat the odds.
I studied some of them. One of them is in deep slumber in the darkness of the night. Standing very slowly, he feels the surroundings and walks very cautiously trying not to fall and hurt himself. He listens intently, takes a breath and used his senses as he turns his visual impairment, his darkness into light.
Another is sitting quietly and peacefully in his wheel-chair that is integral to his movements. I try imagining how he welcomes every morning, sitting on his bed and looking at his wheel-chair with a tired look on his face. He knows he has to put in effort and energy just to go to the restroom and return and throw his body back on his bed.
There were others who stole my breath away with their "superpowers". Yes, I do believe they are people with special powers that inspire people like me.
I recently attended a workshop that shed light on people with special needs, or as we prefer to call them in our beloved country, 'people of determination'.
I was convinced that they are people with great powers . They are an essential part of our community but they do not need our sympathy or special treatment. Let's integrate them into the community and make it special for them by spending time with them.
The writer is an architect based in Abu Dhabi

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