Nuclear energy will make UAE secure

A rapidly diversifying economy needs diverse energy sources like nuclear and renewable energy to reach its full potential and deliver better services to the masses. The UAE is speeding towards a future without oil and is keen to find to right energy mix to power its next phase of growth as it enters an exciting age of innovation with clean and renewable energy. Fossil fuels, like the name suggests, are from the past, but from a historical perspective, have served the country well - it helped the UAE find its feet, establish its credentials and put it on an entrepreneurial streak. It made the UAE rich and prosperous where ambition was cultured and carefully structured. The founding father Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan envisioned a technology-driven future long before other leaders. Wealth from oil was wisely used to build the infrastructure that makes the UAE what it is today - a country driving a brave new world. Laggards of the old order have failed to catch up and are stuck in the mindless pursuit of power that is destructive while the UAE has transformed into a knowledge and thought destination.
Nuclear power is just what the country needs in the midst of this interesting phase of growth where boundless enthusiasm and determination rule. There's young energy and aspirations are running high among the youth who need avenues for creativity and the right opportunity to come their way. So far, it has been a powerhouse performance by the UAE, which deserves applause for giving the Middle East a moral compass for the modern age. It has served as a guide, and has created a template for development in the region. This country has garnered the respect of the world while some tout their atomic might to threaten others with weapons of mass destruction. Simply put, the UAE has the credentials and the clout for the responsible use of this energy - a cheaper and cleaner alternative for the mid and long term with oil making an exit and renewable energy also gaining traction. The Barakah reactor (of the four that will be built) could bring down our electricity bills as the country targets 25 per cent from this source. Energy security is the goal, and we are getting there faster than we think.

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