Motorists, pedestrians should abide by the rules

This refers to the news, Crashes wreck lives (KT, Dec 8). It is appalling to see the escalating number of road accidents globally. Every year approximately 1.35 million people lose their lives and many are fatally injured due to accidents. But remember, more than half of the crashes are caused due to human error. Reckless driving, not adhering to traffic rules, speeding, jumping signals and lanes, tailgating, being distracted and drink driving are some of the prime causes of accidents.
Such accidents cause unexplainable grief, misery and distress to the victims and can also significantly impact families. While governments ought to look into the matter seriously by developing the safety of vehicles, improving infrastructure and implementing road safety laws, motorists and pedestrians ought to abide by the rules and regulations. Using a seat belt, child seat, strictly following the rules of the road, sticking to speed limits and by driving without distractions, motorists can avert mishaps. Your own safety and that of others, is of utmost importance. Care and caution will make a big difference.
Also the news, Quantum leap for UAE women (KT, Dec 9) is great news. According to the decree issued by the President, His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the representation by Emirati women will be increased to 50 per cent in the Federal National Council in the coming parliamentary term. UAE women have always proved their mettle and contributed greatly in the advancement of the nation. This step reflects the leadership's approach towards women's empowerment, their faith in women's potential and capabilities and belief that women can play an effective role in bringing about positive changes. It is a great step in encouraging women to soar higher in all fields.
Jayashree Kulkarni, Abu Dhabi

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