Can fitness pill be an alternative to exercise?

AT LAST, here is something that is sure to excite all fitness freaks as well as couch potatoes. US researchers are working on a miracle pill that could deliver the benefits of exercise, even without you having to move a muscle.

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Published: Sat 2 Aug 2008, 10:11 PM

Last updated: Sun 5 Apr 2015, 3:54 PM

How exciting is that? According to reports published in the scientific journal, Cell, the US scientists now have evolved two possible pills that can build muscle, increase stamina and burn fat. In tests, mice were able to run 44 per cent further, suggesting humans may be able to do the same without prior training.

These research findings and subsequent pills, if they come into being, are not likely to be without their share of controversies. Because thanks to the benefits they offer, such pills are likely to be misused in sports, already battling numerous doping scandals.

However, if fitness pills really go on sale, as they are likely to, there's likely to be no dearth of takers. At a time when increasingly sedentary modern lifestyle is ensuring we become more and more physically inactive, such miracle and magic pills are likely to be instant hit with those who want to get in shape but are too lazy to stir out of their bed in morning. This will certainly help burn that extra fat in undesirable places. Also, it could help people who are obese but are too old to get onto a treadmill. But can pills ever be an alternative to good ol' exercise? We doubt it. A good 30 minutes of exercise not only help burn calories but it actually makes you feel good. That is something no pill can ever offer.

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