What is the dirtiest surface on a plane? Flight attendant reveals travel secrets on TikTok

Brenda Orelus makes videos sharing eye-opening travel tips and insights that can come in handy the next time you board a flight


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Published: Tue 11 Jul 2023, 3:00 PM

Last updated: Tue 11 Jul 2023, 10:40 PM

Air travel has many names. It is a luxury to some, convenience for many, and work compulsion for others. In short, scores of people across the globe travel by plane every day. Well, this very fact can make us wonder how clean and hygienic a flight could be.

Now, a flight attendant from Miami, US, has shared eye-opening travel tips and insights that can come in handy the next time you board a flight.

From the dirtiest part on a flight to why you should avoid toilet paper on a plane, Brenda Orelus, a flight attendant for nine years, has talked about everything in a TikTok video.

The dirtiest surface on a plane

According to Brenda, you must keep some distance from the seatback pockets. She said that seatback pockets are “dirtier than the lavatories, they're dirtier than the seat cushions and they're dirtier than the tray tables”.

Brenda explained that cleaners usually just remove trash from the plane and the seatback pockets are not cleaned. The lavatories, Brenda added, are regularly “wiped down and sanitised”.

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Ditch toilet paper

The flight attendant advised that it is better to opt for tissue paper and not toilet paper inside the washrooms.

Brenda added that children tend to sometimes pee on the toilet paper roll during turbulence. Hence, the tissue paper is cleaner and more hygienic to use on a flight.

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What to avoid on a plane

Brenda also spoke about what kind of behaviour can land a passenger in trouble while flying. She said that one must never hit an airline employee, including the pilot and flight crew, as it can place you on the no-fly list.

She also advised that a passenger must avoid “threatening any kind of terroristic activity” and also should not try to transport illegal items.


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