Watch: Passenger creates ruckus mid-air over insufficient space in overhead bin, asked to get off flight

He threatens to call the police on the flight attendant who asked him to stop complaining


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Published: Fri 1 Sep 2023, 3:00 PM

A passenger onboard an American Airlines flight was asked to leave after he complained about insufficient space in the overhead bin. A video of the incident shows the passenger arguing with a cabin crew.

In a clip which was shared on Reddit, the person alleges that a man sitting across has put his luggage in his overhead locker.

“This guy put his luggage up here, now we don’t have any space,” the complaining passenger says before adding, “Now there’s no space. He’s got no space”.

Following this, a cabin crew member intervenes and asks the passenger to “please stop”.

“I am going to ask you one more time, if you continue…please stop,” the flight attendant says.

Hearing this, the man gets infuriated and says, “Don’t point at me, don’t point your finger at me. You point your finger at me one more time. I am going to call the police”.

The flight attendant then tries to clarify that he is “pointing no fingers”.

“You need to stop with this whole luggage situation,” he adds.

The in-flight crew then asks, “You’re going to call the police on me? OK.”

The viral clip then shows the unruly passenger being deboarded by ground staff. According to the person who shared the video on social media, the passenger had made racist remarks against another flyer. The user also claimed that the passenger was carrying four big bags that he had put in his overhead bin.

Last month, a Malaysia Airlines flight headed to Kuala Lumpur from Sydney returned to the Australian city after over three hours because of a “disruptive passenger”. According to Nine News, the flight had to return because a passenger holding a backpack threatened to “blow up the plane”. No explosives were found in his bag. However, the 45-year-old passenger was arrested after the plane landed in Sydney.


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