Watch: Cabin crew dances on Boeing 777’s wing in 'life-threatening' stunt; airline responds

In the video, two members of the ground staff are also seen clicking pictures with the aircraft’s massive engine in the background


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Photo: Screengrab
Photo: Screengrab

Published: Wed 30 Aug 2023, 12:03 PM

Last updated: Wed 30 Aug 2023, 2:56 PM

A video has been doing rounds on the Internet that shows cabin crew members of Swiss International Air Lines dancing and posing for photos on the wing of an aircraft.

The incident drew ire from the airline officials who said that the act could be dangerous.

In the clip, shared on X, formerly known as Twitter, a female flight attendant is seen dancing and posing on the wing of a Boeing 777 aircraft after walking to the emergency exit. Another male crew member then strikes some poses on the wing.

Two members of the ground staff are also seen clicking pictures on the tarmac with the aircraft’s massive engine in the background.

According to an international media outlet, the video was recorded by a passenger waiting in the terminal in Buenos Aires, Argentina, earlier this month. The Boeing 777 was scheduled to take off for Zurich, Switzerland.

As the video was circulated on social media, the cabin crew’s acts were denounced by the airline who said in a statement that “this behaviour will not be tolerated,” according to the outlet's report.

“Safety is our top priority – this applies not only to our passengers but also to our employees,” said Swiss International Air Lines spokesman Michael Pelzer, reported another international media outlet.

“What looks like fun in the video is life-threatening. The wings of the Boeing 777 are about five metres (16.4 feet) high. Moreover, after landing, even in high temperatures, the wings may be covered with ice. A fall from that height onto the hard surface can be devastating,” Pelzer added.

The spokesman stressed that the behaviour of the crew “does not comply with our safety regulations” adding that they are “in contact with the crew members concerned”.

Swiss International Air Lines Vice President and head of cabin crew Martin Knuchel said that he was “angry and disappointed” by the flight crew’s behaviour, but wouldn’t be firing them.

“Hey guys, I'll be honest. I'm angry and disappointed. What if the passengers no longer trust us when they see this video? This has to stop, there must be no more videos like this,” Knuchel said.

He added, “The case will be dealt with internally as a disciplinary matter. But to counteract the first rumours, we won't just fire someone."


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