Watch: Pakistan boy walks tiger in his lobby, Internet can’t believe it

Some thought the child was brave, others were upset about the dangerous situation he was in


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Photo: nouman.hassan1/Instagram
Photo: nouman.hassan1/Instagram

Published: Fri 3 Nov 2023, 5:08 PM

A video of a little boy confidently walking a young adult tiger through a luxurious home is going viral on Instagram. Pakistani YouTuber Nouman Hassan, who often shares videos in which he is seen interacting with wild animals, posted the clip on Instagram leaving the viewers shocked.

In the video, the young child is seen walking a tiger on a leash. The video, which was shared earlier this week, garnered 62.4k views. While some thought the boy was brave, others were upset about the dangerous situation he was in.

“It is still dangerous to be nearby as it is a predator,” one person said.

Another said, “This is the most idiotic act of human intelligence.”

“There is no shortage of idiots in this world,” read a reaction.

Nouman Hassan is no stranger to sharing such content. In his previous post, he shared a short clip of playing with another tiger in a car showroom.

Hassan also has lions, which he bought through an auction conducted by the Lahore Safari Zoo in the previous year's August. The zoo decided to auction off a dozen lions and tigers to address space constraints and reduce their meat expenses.

In another video, Hassan is seen playing with a crocodile, while having a snake around his neck.

Apart from wildlife, Hassan is also a bike enthusiast. His timeline is filled with videos and pictures of him performing stunts.


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