Watch: 2-year-old rides toy car onto busy road in China; couple stops traffic to rescue him

Police later learned that the child was with his grandmother and had wandered onto the road when she wasn’t watching him

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Published: Wed 13 Sep 2023, 4:22 PM

A truck driver and his wife from China have won praise on social media for rescuing a child who was riding his toy excavator on a busy road in Zhejiang Province. The act was captured by CCTV after which the video went viral.

In the clip, shared by Chinese state broadcaster CGTN on Instagram, a two-year-old boy is seen in his toy excavator at a busy intersection where vehicles are moving in all directions. Some cars can be seen going past the child but no one pays heed to him. Later, a woman alights from a truck and picks up the boy before taking him across the road to the sidewalk.

She then waits for the police to arrive so that the child can be reunited with his family.

According to CGTN, the woman was identified as Shi Hongying. She helped avert a mishap as the child could have been mowed down by a vehicle. Her husband also acted swiftly and stopped the truck in time.

The report did not mention when the incident took place.

Police later learned that the child was with his grandmother and had ventured onto the busy road when she wasn’t watching him.

Many, on the Internet, lauded the woman and her husband for their kind act.

“Great display of citizenship and compassion,” a user wrote. Another jokingly said, “My boy was going to work”.

One user pointed out how “all those cars that saw the kid and kept driving”. Another person thanked the good Samaritan.


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