India: Man declared dead comes alive after ambulance hits pothole in Haryana

The family, astonished by the unexpected turn of events, has hailed the incident as nothing short of miracle


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Screengrab from a video.
Screengrab from a video.

Published: Sun 14 Jan 2024, 11:47 AM

Last updated: Sun 14 Jan 2024, 11:51 AM

In a dramatic turn of events in the Indian state of Haryana, an elderly man, Darshan Singh Brar, woke up from a coma after being mistakenly declared dead by doctors on Thursday (Jan 11).

The 80-year-old had experienced a health issue and was admitted to a local hospital, where he remained for several days. To the shock of the family, the medical professionals contacted them on Thursday to convey the news of his demise.

According to Indian media, after the doctors pronounced Darshan Brar dead, preparations were underway to transport his "body" from Patiala to his residence near Karnal. Mourning relatives had assembled, and arrangements for the final rites and food were being prepared for those attending the cremation ceremony. However, fate took a turn when the ambulance, en route to the funeral, inadvertently struck a pothole.

Brar's grandson, who accompanied him in the ambulance, observed movement in his hand. Sensing a heartbeat, he swiftly urged the ambulance driver to divert to the nearest hospital.

After reaching the medical facility, doctors contradicted the earlier death declaration, affirming that Darshan Brar was indeed alive. Subsequently, Darshan Singh was admitted to the intensive care unit, where doctors are closely monitoring his condition.

According to Indian Express, Vinny Singla, a surgeon, insisted that he could not explain what happened, and does not yet know the scientific reason that led the former hospital to declare the old man's death despite being alive.

The family, astonished by the unexpected turn of events, has hailed the incident as nothing short of a miracle.


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