Abu Dhabi: Dh5,400 penalty for letting kids sit in car's front seat

Abu Dhabi - Cars in which the offence is spotted are seized immediately; Dh5,000 penalty has to be paid to get them released.

(Screengrab from Abu Dhabi Police's social media post)
(Screengrab from Abu Dhabi Police's social media post)

By Web Report

Published: Thu 18 Feb 2021, 3:27 AM

The Abu Dhabi Police have issued a fresh warning against letting children aged below 10 years sit in the front seat.

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The police warned that the vehicle in which the offence is spotted will be impounded immediately, with owners having to pay Dh5,000 to get it released.

There is also a Dh400 fine for the offence that puts children's life at risk.

"The vehicle remains impounded until release fees are paid. It will be auctioned after a maximum of three months if it has not been claimed by the owner," the police said in a social media post.

The rule is part of new traffic laws that were enacted in Abu Dhabi in September last year.

Children below the age of 10 must sit in the back seats of vehicles and should wear seatbelts. Kids under the age of four should be seated in child seats.

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